Floppy the Doggo by William Zhou

Floppy is a very "special" young dog. By special, I mean that he has special needs.

Floppy starts off his day with a healthy 4 hours of sleep due to severe insomnia. After waking up, he brushes his teeth and eats a healthy breakfast that includes all of the food groups. Sadly, because of recent budget cuts, Floppy has to resort to an 16 oz bottle of water to get through the day.

After breakfast, Floppy goes out into the wild and pretends to be a bird high up in the trees. It may seem like an odd idea, but that's what makes Floppy unique.

Another one of Floppy's hobbies is to play the violin. Every week he goes to his favorite violin instructor (Merrick) to learn a new classical piece.

At night, Floppy flops onto his bed to get the much needed 4 hours of sleep for the next day. Floppy truly lives a wonderful life for a dyslexic doggo.

The End!

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