UX Challenge 2 DinoWorld

Welcome to week 2

Every week we take on a new UX Challenge. This weeks concept is DinoWorld. Here is the following information!

the founder of DInoworld

In 1993 George Thompson was kicked out of Harvard for unethically conducting clone practices on a wide variety of animals. Rumors said, he was putting together DNA like Frankenstein with his monster.

In 1999 Thompson decided to change his life around and became a geology student at ASU.

During one of his crazy hikes on a mountain trail. Thompson discovered a washed-out basin littered with hand sized oval like stones. He took three of them back to the ASU labs to check out what kind of rock family they belonged to. It turns out they were perfectly preserved dinosaur eggs.

Thompson knew exactly what he had to do.

Fast forward to 2005, Thompson successfully hatched 10 different species of Dinosaurs and raised them in an offsite farm in Phoenix.

He showcased his beasts in a state science convention and instantly gained million dollars’ worth of funding to create a so called “Jurassic Park” which turned out to be named DinoWorld.

In 2017 DinoWorld’s marketing team has hired you on to work on a segment of their park or website to make sure the user experience is up to par.

You have a week to develop this unique user experience.Select an area you would like to develop, here are some examples:

  • Create a Dino Café App for hungry users walking around the park
  • Create an easy way for people to buy tickets to the park
  • Create a Dino Bath Bomb store in the park and the UX of someone purchasing products in the store
  • Create an interactive map of the DinoWorld park

Your Challenge

Choose a specific area or section of DinoWorld. Imagine you were hired to only work on the UX of that area. Create a User Experience for future customers of DinoWorld

I want to see you create sketches, personas, wire frames, mockups and more!


SHOW me your process!

Remember creativity is the key however keep it simple and to the point. You only have one week to complete this challenge so don’t beat yourself up over the topic. Tag me in your work so I can follow and comment on your progress. In next weeks video I will feature my favorite concepts that you developed for this challenge. If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Just keep in mind that creating even one piece for this challenge is better than creating nothing. Start out small and if you like it, add on to your project.

Good luck and may the Dinos be with you!

Created By
Zuzanna Czerny


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