Rhythm and resistance Keshawn Haines

I wanted my poems to show real-life situation for example I highlighted in my lost poem how he had to make a way for his family and how they was struggling. all these single parents are struggling to take care of their children because they have no one is in there corner. My point I want to get across is there are a lot of hopeless struggling people. I hope my poems inspired people to resist this system and start to make a different.

Currently in america there is 100 million people compared to 388 billionaires . out of that number no one is helping the homeless people find a job . i want the reader to take away from my poem that this is a problem that needs to be addressed .in one of the poems in my collection rich poor I was talking about how one family was struggling and the other family was rich. I talked how the was acting mean spoiled and the poor family was acting nice humble and was getting done wrong but times change it was the other way around and he felt his pain and he felt to get bullied and pick on. And another one of my poem I talked about the same thing but he just poem i talked how he had to go steal for his family they was struggling so bad to make feel happy and be like all the other family .my point i'm trying to get across is times change everybody should be treated the same .don’t treat no one different that's less fortunate.

My poems made me realize i need to be humble and start trying to give back to my community and help the homeless. I won’t to make something out of my life because i don’t want to have to beg people for money 10 years from now .it has also shown me how strong poetry can be and really change people's life. I have realized that writing can be a tool for change, and that I can let my voice of resistance be heard through my writing.


I fight for my family I fight for my right

We wanted more in our life

So we started stealing from The Privileges’ side

I did this for my rights

I did this for my family

They notice their object started coming up missing

I had to do this for my family

So i will deal with the consequence

They started to come over in our terriot in started to look for these objects with big guns

Everybody was getting held against their will

Once they started to find stuff people started getting shot and killed

I did this for my family to make them happy

I didn’t know it was going to get this serious instinct people getting hurt lose their

I decided to stand up for what I did and got shot and killed


You make me feel loved

You always cheer me up when i'm down

Sometimes i get angry

But you is my little bird..

You always keep me company when i’m bored

With you am always happy and grateful ..

You always helping me

And giving me good advice at the right time .

You is the best mom in the world

And i love more than you could ever imagine .


Created with images by bones64 - "women's march sign child" • Shashwat_Nagpal - "Pahadi Family" • stevebott - "Equal rights..." • ralphrepo - "Beggars, Beihai Park [c1917-1919] Sydney D. Gamble [RESTORED]" • rightee - "Love"

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