Togetherness... A strong chain of BWBs is broken. We lose a player to injury, lose matches = spooky.

Togetherness - strength.

The bench and this person ... take 'togetherness' to another level - is powerful.

Your BWBs are amazing - were challenged to manage all of the matches, themselves.

A fantastic start ... the ball in the opponent's half - buzzin'

Competing, then losing - may hurt a bit... losing someone hurts

but it was fun all the way, getting there and being there ... together, still learning still trying, fighting and having fun.... loads of positives from today despite how we may feel in the moment.

'wwwoooaahhhh .... words... and numbers'
Solid thumbs UP ! LIKE ! ! - Dylan is alright ... met him in the service station - will miss training on Monday = noLike! - see you soon.
Created By
Phil Rochford-Smith

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