The dark inside of this progression has come out of its hole Jake Gruttadauria

The home life of the people changed dramatically. In the 1920s they were just starting to get better homes and feel good about life and then it hit. In October of 1929 the stock market crashed and a lot of people had money in the stocks that were lost so they lost all that money. When this happened People had to sell their homes or they were removed from it because they could not pay it off. So then they had to live in these bad areas called Hoovervilles that were really bad. This also ruined Banks and industries because with the people having the money on them and nobody trusting the bank they would not put their money in their and that would make banks go out of business. Also since people had little money they did not buy a lot of products so that made factories shut down and go out of business.

Bad View

This is a Hooverville. This is what people have to live in if they can not afford a house and do not have a lot of money. This shows that home life has changed dramatically from the 1920s to now.

The inside of this is just horrific

The inside of these house is worse than the outside. These families are trying t fit everyone in one room and sometime they only have 1 or 2 beds. There is no heat for the winter and they just have to work with whatever they have. If they can afford something than they will get it to make it a little better. But most people went to the dump and got what they can. This was a terrible way of life.

This effects everyone

If the people cant afford a house than when they do make money they will keep it with them and try to protect it due to the crash and loosing trust. This then effects the ban ks and if they do not get any customers than they can not stay in business. This led to a bad home life.

How it used to be

When people had money and they had faith in the bank than they would take there money there and the bank would make money and everybody would be good. This led to a good home life.

Since people had not a lot of money they did not have a lot of free time. They could not go out as much and go to games and stores and once again this affected the factories in making products and going out of business. People had to find certain ways to do things just to get their mind out of this terrible time. They would listen to the radio, go to movies, listen to music, and go to orchestras.

Less time

When people did not have as much money as they used to they could not use it to spend on other things. That means they could not afford tickets and did not have the time to go to games.

No town

Since people did not have a lot of money they could not afford a night on the town as much. This led to less products being sold. This is less time to have fun.

Less fun = bad thoughts

This guy is so depressed at the depression that he wants to hang himself and die. This is sad because this means that people are willing to give up there life just to not be mad and sad at this problem.

Why they do not have time

This is a kid holding up a sign that says why cant my dad have a job. This shows that family were desperate for someone to have a job so family members tried to help. This is one reason why people did not have time. This then affected the industries because if they could not afford to pay people for work than they had to shut down.

The biggest thing that changed was the economy. It was rising and doing very well during the 1920s. Stocks were going up very high and everybody wanted to join in on it. Then one day it just went down really terribly. All the stocks were gone and a lot of people lost their money from this. Farmers were already having industry struggles in the 1920s and this just made it worst. The Unemployment rate went up in the 1930s due to the crash. African Americans were affected because they were just starting to get jobs that actually payed well so now after this they lost a lot of their jobs and this cause them to go poor. It also affected the industries because now they were not able to make a lot of products to sell due to the economy and this made them go out of business.

Down Down Down

This shows how the economy rose and built up good in the 1920s and then just dropped in the 1930s. This affected a lot of people. It did not make it good for them.

No economy = no jobs

This is a guy(African American) that is giving all his strengths and why he should have a job but he can not get one. Due to the crash in the economy everything was lost and this affected this guy and many others in terrible ways. This made African Americans and other people not have a chance to make money

All these terrible things add up to worser things

This is an abandoned factory that was caused by the crash. Since the crash happened factories and businesses were not able to make as much money so this led to them closing down and not being able to hand out jobs to others.

Everyone does not know what to do

This is a newspaper article telling that once the stock market crashed everyone panicked and did not know what to do. The people that were in charge of holing the stocks at wall street just flipped out and that caused a lot of worrying.

The last thing that was affected was the role of the government. The three presidents before F.D.R. lead up to this crash and then it hit. A problem that rose from this was that the people that were in World War 1 were promised bonus cash after the war and then once they came for it the government could not give it to them. They were than considered the bonus Army. The role of it used to be a hands off and let businesses do whatever they wanted to. Once the stock market crashed it made the government get more involved and it took off this policy. This affected the businesses because they were doing good during the time with this policy on and then once they took it off it made them not do as good. They had to obey the government and do what they said to do. The last thing it affected was the banks. It actually helped the banks a little because people did not trust them anymore so they took out all their money. Once F.D.R. shut them all down and then opened them back up and he said to trust him on this and they did and put their moneys back in the bank and it made business pretty good in banks once again.

New president

This is F.D.R. getting elected as the 32 president of the United States. This led to a major change in government.

New law

This is F.D.R. passing the New Deal. This makes the government more involved in everything.

People in need

People were so desperate for help and money that they were willing to sell their own kids just for the extra help that they wanted. Since they needed money and they lost there stocks they did whatever to get money. This would either help or make banks worse because they could either put the money in the bank and that would help the ank. Or they would keep the money and make the ban lose business.

What they strived for

What F.D.R. wanted was to go back and make things right again. He then took off the hands off policy. That affected the businesses and banks because they had to follow what the government told them to do and that could make things worse or better for them.

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