Area51 and Aliens by:payten

Have you ever wanted to know if aliens are real or not? Then you should read this paper. The alien conspiracy has so many people debating weather Area 51 has aliens or not maybe they do or is it just government business. This essay is about whether aliens are real or not. Also if Area 51 has aliens. A lot of scientist think that aliens are real and some people think it is just a fiction story. People are debating weather Area 51 has aliens or not.

now here is theory one. There were seven veterans from the army and they were at a nuclear missile site and then they said they saw UFOs and that the UFOs shut down the missile. The aliens used beams of light to shut it down. The reason they are doing this is because nuclear war means our destruction. Out of the missiles there were 10 that were shut down. In an alien interview the alien said that they are protecting us but they also say that most of the human race is killed. Out of all the seven all of them thought it was remarkable. Also Neil Armstrong saw a UFO on Apollo 11 the whole crew saw it. After that they had more of the Apollo missions. They thought all the aliens that they saw were from mars.They had to use high resolution pictures to see mars. They also have found more aliens after that they had found them dead and alive. They had sent a rover that was the size of a microwave. The face on mars also has something to do with it. They said it might be a secret base. That is that all for that article. So now we will talk about the alien interview now in that video the alien says that he is thousands of light years away. And that he is from the planet earth.You can barly hear him but there are subtitles.The alien also is saying we all almost die. They said that death is a human construct and it is not real. He said when you die you see everyone's lives at once and then you die.He said the nuclear war was from political stuff.

a alien from space
what a alien head looks like
this a UFO

theory 2.Everyone said that there aliens in Area 51 one but is that true or not. They had the U-2 test flight at area 51. That is where they had the accidental test flight.They only had minor damage to the plane.They chose Area 51 because of how much clearing there was.At area 51 they make planes there and make new technology.The CSI said there aren't any aliens at area 51 and anywhere by the place. The A-12 was made of the best planes they had.It had been so good until it crashed and there was a family there and the family was told not to tell anyone about it or they will be hunted down. One of the meetings was in Las vegas.They say there are aliens on the extraterrestrial highway.Also that there are aliens that crash into earth and shut down weapons.They said that when they pass the highway they go to the moon.There was a crash from a UFO and and there was an alien corpse by the UFO. This is what i believe about aliens and area 51.

the color of an alien there are also grey aliens

this is what i believe.So the the alien theory I believe because there is a lot of evidence about it seeing aliens found dead across the world. Also aliens are alien interviews that could be real or fake but i think they are real because one of the interviews was in the 1960s and they did not have super good costumes that look like they were from the future.So on to the theory of Area 51.I don't think they have alien because they made planes there and maybe they made aliens up as a distraction for us so we don’t find out about the spy planes they have there the government could be making flying saucers as a drone and be distracting scientists. All the government is doing there is they are making spy planes.


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