A Closer Look At The Senior Sequoits by grace acello

Paul Valdivia-Valencia is a backspot and is a huge component to the Antioch cheerleading team. Valdivia started cheerleading in 2016 and has continued to love it ever since. He continues to motivate everyone else on the team while also staying focused on accomplishing his own goals for the season.
Avery Frasch started cheerleading in 2010, and has not stopped working on her abilities since. Frasch is a backspot and with her drive and motivation on the team, the Sequoits are able to accomplish more and more every practice. Daily, her hard working attitude and humor allows those around her to enjoy their time on the team.
Madisen Krapf is a base and started cheerleading in 2005. Krapf radiates positivity at practices and has continued to work hard on her personal skills. She has developed a huge leadership role on the team and creates a fun and happy practice atmosphere.
Kayla Grenke started cheerleading in 2008. She spreads her bubbly personality to the whole team and motivates each cheerleader to do their best. Grenke is a base and is a very determined athlete and, as a result, she works hard during every opportunity that is given to her.
Starting cheerleading in 2013, Jada Pope has never failed to be an amazing source of energy. Popes energy inspires the whole team to do their best and push their hardest. She is a base and a very hard working athlete who always reaches for her goals.