Narrative Timeline By Marisa RIley

Storytelling Narrative

Once upon a time, there was a young girl in elementary school learning how to (vaguely) use a computer. The large box was used as a reward for good behaving children, on the screen was a platforming game of a brave adventurer running around castles collecting keys so he can advance to the next level. The game itself wasn’t extremely entertaining on its own, eventually the hyperactive second grader lost interest in the game, but the privilege of being on the computer was what was most important. In the second grade the use of a computer was a privilege. This was the first memory of using technology (besides watching television) that the girl could remember.

Years later, whilst in middle school, the girl received her second cellphone for Christmas. It wasn’t till months later when the girl learned of a website where armature writers gathered and wrote story’s on every topic, it was called Wattpad. Due to an unfortunate event including behavioral issues, the privilege reading stories on the website was taken away from the girl, forcing her to find another source to get to wattpad. The girl turned to her phone, she wasn’t allowed to use the browser on her phone because it cost money however she discovered she could download the wattpad app on her phone. So for years she was reading from an app on her phone, until her parents lifted the ban on the website. Around that same time at her school the students were forced to take a computer class, comprised of lessons on how to type properly, and how to type quickly. The lessons were boring and the software teaching them was very childlike and downright insulting for the very “grown up” middle schoolers. It was also dreadfully boring, and unnecessarily repetitive.

By high school, the schools were integrating computer use into student life, instead of turning in a handwritten essay was replaced with herding the girl and her fellow classmates to the library where they would type up their essays. At home however, the computer was used more for watching videos on Youtube and TV shows. The internet was now replacing most of the girls social interactions with friends, instead of talking in person her friends would text each other. The girl refused to call someone over the telephone because she felt too awkward and was afraid to mess up the conversation, and many of her friends shared her sentiments. The girl also realized that even though she had known how to work a computer for a while, she didn’t know how to fix her computer if something were to go wrong.

Everything changed when the, now teenage, girl moved on to college. Where using a laptop was a necessity for homework, essays were now required to be typed, and turned away if they weren’t. Everywhere the girl went there was a college student siting around with their laptop in hand. Away from her parents who knew how to fix her computers and the funds to fix anything too serious the girl had to learn through videos on the internet how to fix her computer. It was in college when the girl learned how to use Photoshop for a digital photography class, and later learned that Photoshop could be used to draw. Drawing became much easier when she got the Wacom pad allowing her to draw using layers to add depth to her drawings. Throughout the time the girl used technology (besides Television) it changed from a luxury to a necessity. When looking back on her current technology timeline the girl would describe technology as any tool that helps further society through communication and/or makes a task easier

Citations and Analyzations

This photo is used for the story about my friends and my inability to call someone on the phone without being extremely anxious. A gif may have worked in place of this photo maybe I could have used one that induced secondhand embarrassment upon the viewers, but I like this meme so I decided to use it. This meme works because it says what I feel every time I have to call someone important, the penguin looks equally as awkward. The link I found this meme from was:,bs.1,d.cGc&psig=AFQjCNFhpKR3PvO0V7Z-nhwTD-WHx7wUFA&ust=148566625655226

I found this photo most suitable because it’s the game I had mentioned in the first paragraph of my narrative. I used a photo instead of a video, gif, or sound clip because nothing comes to mind in terms of a video or sound clip that would relate to the narrative as much as the photo I had used did. In the narrative I talked about the computer game used as a reward; this photo is tied to that section because it connects to the game. The link to where I got the photo from is:!&bvm=bv.145063293,d.cGc&psig=AFQjCNHCDgs5RsZRBzenYrBG1j3alIJenQ&ust=1485668387684320

I used this photo because it matched how I felt while I was trying to be sneaky behind my parents back, and as far as I know they never found out. I could have used the Mission Impossible theme song as a sound clip instead of this photo, but the photo felt oddly fitting when I saw it. A video wouldn’t have matched either, it would be distracting and it would take too long to show the clip and move on back to my narrative. Instead I used a company logo and repurposed it to fit the needs for my assignment. The link that I found this photo from is:,d.cGc&psig=AFQjCNHj1rXglgXd8CkneGuJIgVvEJCGOA&ust=1485665587486547

I used this photo because it connects to my time in middle school where we took typing classes and the software was very childish, this isn’t the exact software because I couldn’t remember the name of it. I didn’t use any other type if media because I couldn’t find the exact software so a video wouldn’t work and a sound clip would be downright confusing. However it works because it displays a bit of childishness as if its trying to relate with the kids using the software, and failing. The link is:,d.cGc&psig=AFQjCNGKeUXSakUwLmrfJHSUcb5__khctA&ust=1485666899104857

The last set are photos of my own creation through Adobe Photoshop; it goes along with my work through college when I first learned how to use Photoshop. This photos are perfect; there is no doubt in my mind that any other form of media would be as perfect of a visual as the one I created during my photography class. Really what better way to explain what I had learned while using technology than to present as products of my learning. There is no link for this one but the citations are: Battle between Woman and Bird, Oregon Beach. Personal photograph by author. 2015. Chetto, Oregon Beach. Personal photograph by author. 2015.Hulk. Personal photograph by author. 2015.

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