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Big Idea


Postcard Designs

Original Postcard
Front for all the variable postcards.
Back of Consuming Postcard
Back of Engaging Postcard
Back of Listening Postcard
Back of Sharing Postcard

Survey Experiment



  • Ranked the highest
  • Subgroups: Age, Educator


Comparing the Original (control) with Listening and Consuming (2/4 variables)
Comparing the Original (control) with Engaging and Sharing (2/4 variables)

Due to the lower scores for Engaging and Sharing we focused on comparing our subgroups with their scores for Consuming and Listening.

Comparing the Original (control) with 18-24 year olds (Age: subgroup)
Comparing the Original (control) with 25 and older (Age: subgroup)
Comparing the Original (control) with Educators (subgroup)
Comparing the Original (control) with Non-Educators (subgroup)

We found consuming to have a stronger impact for 25 and older and Educators and Listening to have a stronger impact for 18-24 and Non-Educators.


We recommend to host conferences pertaining to the younger demographic to increase brand awareness for Tererai Trent International.

Dr. Tererai Trent

The Dream Team

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