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Map of Present Day Turkey


Located in the Middle East, Turkey is situated at the crossroads of the Caucasus, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean Sea. Bigger than every other European and Middle Eastern state, Turkey is large in geographic land mass, but also population.

Port in turkey


Turkey's climate is strongly influenced by the prescence of the sea to the north, south, and west. The climate is generally a dry semicontinental Mediterranean variant. The contrasts between summer and winter are stark. In winter, rainfall is abundant in the Mediterranean region. During winter in Turkey, the conditions are no different. In summer however, there are consistent, prolonged droughts which plague the lands of Turkey.

Turkey's Desertlike Climate

Physical Characteristics

Turkey has a broad range of landforms. Some of these are: mountainous country, steep sloping land, grasslands, and forests. In the east of Turkey, is one massive mountainous region known as the Armenian Highland. Sloping land is common throughout the whole of Turkey. The steppes and grasslands occur naturally in central Anatolia. The thick, luscious forests of Turkey can be found to the eastern part of the Black Sea coastlands, which obtain much rainfall all throughout the year.

The Turkish Steppe, a main landform in turkey.


The population of Turkey is around 70.6 million people. At the beginning of the 21st century, one-fifth of the Turkish population had Kurdish roots. Ethnic Kurds are present in significant numbers in eastern Anatolia.

Kurdish Man


Turkish Mixed grill

Customs and Traditions

Turkey is culturally divided between the East and West, drawing elements from each, and mixing them up into a unique cultural stew. Turkey is predominantly patriarchal, and in isolated villages, the household heads are grouped in clans. Traditional village weddings involve over the top, elaborate ceremonies that can last several days. A marriage often involves large transfers of wealth, such as payments to the bride's father and payments for the wedding. The cost of these grand ceremonies generally amount to more than one year's household income.

Turkish wedding


Turkey is ninety-nine percent Islamic, but its government is secular. Religious minorities include Jews, and small numbers of Armenian, Syrian, and Greek Orthodox Christians. Without Islam, the basis of Turkish life would be unrecognizably different. Since Muslims pray five times a day, Turks schedule their days around the Muslim prayer schedule.

Turkish Mosque


Today, more than ninety percent of Turkey's population speaks Turkish as a first language. Turkish uses a modiphied Latin alphabet, and Turkish contains deep Arabic and Persian roots in its language. Tukish has no gender, so pronouns such as he, she, and it do not exist. Turkish words are formed by adding a suffix to a root that does not change. The suffixes denote action, place, possession and other qualities.

Turkey's Latin variant alphabet


Turkey's food has been called the French cuisine of the East. The most famous Turkish dish is probably the shish kebab, made of pieces of grilled lamb on a skewer. Today's most popular national dish is probably döner kebap, lamb roasted on a vertical spit. The Turks are also known for their desserts, such as baklava, small pieces of flaky pastry filled with ground walnuts and drenched in honey. Almost all Turkish deserts contain the basic ingredients of milk, honey, eggs, nuts, and phyllo dough.

Shish Kebabs

"Youth Without age and life without death"


A young prince that was promised everything at birth goes in search of his heart's desire. The prince encounters witches and weds the most beautiful maiden on his journey. In time, the prince realizes that his previous life was his true calling. So, he must leave his beautiful life in the realm of "Youth Without Age and Life Without Death", and return home.

Typical Fairytale Characteristics

One of the most common fairytale characteristics is the special beginning, such as once upon a time, there once was, or there once lived. The Fairytale "Youth Without Age and Life Without Death" is no exception. This story begins with the classic once upon a time.

In most fairytales, there is a good character. In "Youth Without Age and Life Without Death", the young prince, Boy Beautiful, is the good character. Boy Beautiful is next in line to the throne, and "the whole realm was proud that it was going to have so wise and goodly an emporor"(yolen). Boy Beautiful absorbed every drop of knowledge he could, and he was always eager to learn. He is truely a superior man, helping maidens and servants fulfil their strenuous tasks.

Most fairytales contain an evil or misguided character. In this tale, Scorpia and Gheoncea are two sisters that terrorize travelers and devour their souls. Scorpia and Gheoncea have "jaws reaching from earth to heaven, spitting forth fire" used to intimidate and devour those traveling through the forests in which they dwelled(Yolen).

Castles and Royalty are common motifs in fairytales, this story is no different. The protagonist, Boy Beautiful, is a prince, born to a king and queen. Boy Beautiful's home is a magnificent castle in which he learns about the world and the realm he should one day rule.

Cinderella, a classic fairytale, has no shortage of magic. "Youth Without Age and Life Without Death" also has a plethora of instances in which magic is used. The first appearance of magic in the story is after Boy Beautiful is first born. Boy Beautiful is crying non-stop, but "all the enchantments of the magicians" could not quiet Boy Beautiful. Boy Beautiful goes on a quest to find youth without age and life without death, which is obviously magical. Finally, the most reoccurring instance of magic is Boy Beautiful's talking horse, which gives Boy Beautiful counsel in times of need.

The motif of a problem and a solution is evident in this story. The problem is that Boy Beautiful's father made promises that he could not keep. The father promised baby Boy Beautiful youth without age and life without death. Now, Boy Beautiful must go on a journey to find his heart's desire, youth without age and life without death. The problem is resolved when Boy Beautiful finally discovers youth without age and life without death.

The number 3, a magic number, is the most common motif in literature. The most important moments in "Youth Without Age and Life Without Death" occur in threes. For instance, Boy Beautiful encounters 3 obstacles. Boy Beautiful travels in three day spans, and he rests and feasts for three days with Scorpia and Gheoncea. Finally, Boy Beautiful has a choice of three brides, all sisters. As the old saying goes, three times is the charm.

Connection To Turkey

The story "Youth Without Age and Life Without Death" has many geographical ties to Turkey, but sadly, this story was severely lacking in cultural connections. As previously mentioned, there are many grasslands and forests in Turkey. During Boy Beautiful's travels, he encounters three forests and two grasslands. Mountainous areas of Turkey have also been mentioned, Boy Beautiful also crossed a mountain range during his travels. Turkey is known for its ancient castles, and the castle in which Boy Beautiful lived in fits the description perfectly, this is probably the strongest tie from "Youth Without Age and Life Without Death" to Turkey.

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