Tom Sawyer The author

I liked the book because they have adventure and the story of Tom Sawyer. But, I didn't liked when they fugue of theirs parents because it isn't okay and the people was afraid. The book is too short because we didn't konw what Huck and Tom do with the money and that why I I disliked the book too. I have some questions to ask you.

1-Can you say things about Becky ? Becky Tacher is a beautiful girl with blue eyes and long blond hair. She loves draw with Tom and want to Tom to learn to her.

2- If you have the choice to change something in one of the friend of Tom Sawyer who is he and why ? Huck Finn because i wanted to live in a house, but in the book he lives in the street and his father is always drunk.

3-St-Petersbug is it a real city ? Yes, because it have a school,a Church, a graveyard, Douglas Cave and a court like in the book.

4-Is it a real story but you change some informations ? Yes, it is like the murder of the doctor is not real but i wanted some suspens.

5-Can you talk more about Tom ? Yes, Tom is a guy who not like school, he does not like work and he never wants to get out of the bed in the morning.He is adventurous, he does what he wants. Is a good guy with his friend but when is the time to work he manipulates.

6-Do you think Huck is a good guy ? Huck is a good guy beacause he knows the sense of the life and he knows is difficults lives in the Streets without his parents.

7-Why Injun Joe rest in St-Petersbug ? He rests for the money.

8-Can you talk about the Aunt Poly ? Aunt Poly is stressed when Tom his not at the house because he goes out with his friends somewhere.She is mad sometime but not always. She is old.

9-Why tom goes in the graveyard ? Tom goes in the graveyard with Huck for do a rituel with a dead cat but they see 3 persons and they thinking they was ghost.

10-In the book what is the most delecious breakfast Tom ans his friend eat ? The most delecious breakfast they eat is fish on Jackson Island.

My favorite caracther is Tom Sawyer because is adventurous and he like go to anywhere. His gentle but not when his the time to work. He does what he wants to do

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