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Part 1

While science and technology has no limits in the modern world, several challenges face this ever-growing field. First, the potential development science and technology. Second, the spread of science and technology in the modern world. Third, simply is science and technology evolving fast enough?

Developing Science and Technology

Developed countries are mass producing new science and technology.

The US technology industry employs over 6.7 million people.

Spreading Science and Technology

Developed countries are producing new technology and developing new science at a rapid rate; distribution across the world, especially to developing countries, is difficult.

By 2018, 2.3 million 3D printers will be shipped around the world.

Products made by 3D printers.

The future of 3D printing holds the promise of printing personalized biological limbs, as well as counterfeit.

The Future of Science and Technology

With major global issues, such a fresh water shortages, looming in the near future will science and technology meet the crises?

Or will technology supersede human thought?

"The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race." -Professor Stephen Hawking

Artificial intelligence is already a part of our daily lives from automated systems in phones to self-driving cars.

iPhone's "Siri" is a well known artificial intelligence system.

Part 2

The current situation of science and technology.

Developing Science and Technology

Computers are doubling in price performance every 18-24 months.

Computers are 1 million times stronger, faster and cheaper than 25 years ago.

The world's fastest supercomputer calculates 16.32 quadrillion times per second.

The total number of network devices in the world is around 8 billion in the world, the projected number by 2040 is 50 billion network devices.

Significant research has been done on the human genome including gene editing and preventing genetic diseases.

In 2013, 22% of energy supply was from renewable energy. The projected percentage of renewables by 2020 is 26% of total energy supply.

Spreading Science and Technology

"Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity" -Louis Pasteur

More people have access to a cell phone than to a toilet.

6 billion people have acess to mobile phones. About 4.5 have acess to toilets.

2/5 of the world's population have regular internet access.

Immunization saves 2-3 million lives each year. For example, in 2015, 86% of infants around the globe recieve DTP3 vaccine, which prevents infectious diseases.

Projected: 30,000 drones over the United States by 2020.

The top commercial drones on Amazon run from $800-$3,000.

The Future of Science and Technology

Will science and technology meet the modern world challenges?

Scientific solutions to water shortages range from mining asteroids for water to refining and purifying toilet water.

The rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria a major health. Antibiotics are currently being developed but none are expected to be as effective.

Part 3

Science and Technology in Japan

Developing Science and Technology in Japan

Japan plans to be become the most innovative country in the world. The government plans to invest heavily into science and technology.

Japan has won the most Nobel Prizes of all the countries in Asia.


There are 79 medical schools in Japan.

There are 2.3 doctors for every 1,000 people.

13.7 hospital beds for 1,000 people in Japan.
Fuijistu Laboratories use image projection and processing to create touchscreens on everyday items like paper.



Japan is currently spending $130 billion USD in the electronics, science and technology- making it the largest market for such fields in the world.

Japan has 1/2 of the commercial robots in the world.

Spreading Science and Technology in Japan

Japan is #2 national influencing electronic systems design in the world.

17% of the GDP comes for the Japanese technology products- vehicles accounting for 16%.

Japan fastest train, the Maglev Train, is the fastest in the world traveling 581km per hour.

Japan relies heavily on nuclear power (3rd largest nuclear nations in the world). Japan has 55 nuclear reactors currency providing Japan with 35% of its electricity.

Sustainable wind energy is currently being developed.

The Future Science and Technology in Japan

Tokyo plans on developing the fasted supercomputer by 2017.

Japanese parliament is strongly considering using artificial intelligence.

The Todai Robot Project, artificial intelligence, plans to pass the Tokyo University Entrance exam in 2021, a notoriously hard exam.
Nagasaki is home to the world's first hotel staffed almost solely by robots.


"The science of today is the technology of tomorrow." -Edward Teller


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