Drive it like you stole it This is your life

Wait…you don’t have a perfect life? Your job isn’t exactly what you wished for as a kid? You don’t have perfect relationships and a perfect family?

At some point we all reach a point where we say, “Really God, is this what you’ve got planned for me? Is this really it.” And it’s easy to feel trapped and like there’s no hope for change. But maybe we DON'T need a perfect plan or a perfect set of circumstances to find freedom. Maybe God works through our mess, and maybe He works even better when we share our mess with others.

Join us as we put in motion some simple steps to help us reduce the fears and master the freedom we’ve been given through Christ. Join us on Sundays beginning February 5th for Drive it like you stole it: A Not-So-Perfect Guide To Freedom.

No matter who you are, where life has taken you, what your background, your color, your political views, your style of music or the person you have made yourself to be.

Are you going to continue to live in just what you know? Or are you going to lean into the unknown.

Racially, Culturly, Financially some of us only know one thing. The "KNOWN" is safe the "KNOWN" makes us feel good at night.

It's the unknown - it's the unbeaten path - that God is calling you.

Dare to step onto the path of the unknown.

This is your life - Drive it like you stole it.

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