The 7 Elements of Art at work A Picture of creativity and structure


In this lesson we will be reviewing the 7 elements of art. Learning the brush tool, shape tool, Type tool, Paint Bucket tool & color swatches in Photoshop. Rescue the knowledge we already have for Photoshop.


  • iPad
  • Photoshop
  • Wacom Tablet (Optional)


Art Elements Scavenger Hunt

  1. In groups of 5 you will take part in a scavenger hunt to find and photograph all the 7 elements of art, for a total of 7 photos each.
  2. You will have 5 minutes for this scavenger hunt. You must stay on the 1st floor. Do not go outside or bother other classes.
  3. Record on the handout linked below a description of what you are photographing.
  4. Turn in all the photos and description page to Google Classroom.

3 Elements Picture

  1. Open photoshop.
  2. Create an 8" x 8" 300 resolution document.
  3. Choose 3 elements of art to create a picture on your canvas. Using only the brush tool, shape tool, paint bucket tool, type tool, and color swatches.
  4. Once you finish one picture pick 3 different elements and create another picture on a new layer in the same file. Keep this up till class ends.
  5. List the elements each picture is made of.
  6. Save the file as 3elements_lastnameFirstname.psd
  7. Turn the file into google classroom when you are finished.
Examples of possibilities. Top Left: Value, Color, & Shape. Top Right: Line, Shape, & Space. Bottom: Form, line, & color.
Created By
Rebecca Graham


Created with images by FeeBeeDee - "Art Postcard4"

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