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The Epiphany in Italy is celebrated on January 6th. Each year Italians celebrate when the three Kings came to visit Jesus and presented him with gifts of gold, Frankensence, and myrrh. In Italy the Christmas holiday season lasts through the Epiphany celebration. Because of this gifts are exchanged on this day in January.

The Italian christmas is La Befana, similar to our Santa clause. The Befana ( a character of Italian folklore originated in central Italy ). Dressed in a black shawl, flying on a broom stick all around Italy.

Befana delivers candies, sweets, and gives little gifts to children on the night of January 5th. Befana's headquarter in Rome is Piazza Novona market with dozens of food and gift stalls for her to "shop"

In Italy it is customary to replace the images of the shepherds at the crib with the three kings and their gifts.

The most popular Epiphany celebration event is at the Vatican. A historical parade with hundreds of participants with ancient costumes and 20 decorated horses accompanied by a musical band and the main character of Epiphany, the Befana, will pass through the Via Della Conciliazion, following the three kings to present gifts to the Pope.

Venice in the venero region, on January 6th is the location of Regatta delle Bafane. The is a race where men dress up as Bafane and race through the Grand Canal.

Urbania in Le Marcte region holds a 4 day festival for La Befana ( January 2-6 ). During this festival children can meet La Befana in La Casa della Befana. This is one of the biggest celebrations for La Befana in Italy.

Florence in the region of Tuscany is the calvacata dei magi. This procession usually starts from Pitti Palace in the early afternoon and going across the river to the Duomo. Horns and drums fill the street. The 3 magi march followed by the Holy family then they are followed by bag pipes.

Milan in the region of Lombardy holds an Epiphany parade of thr three kings from the Duomo to the church of Sant'Eustorgio.


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