Effects of Family and Culture on the Individual Erika OPPERMAN

"It is based on evidence from both human and animal studies that punishing experiences, such as economic pressure, have a negative effect which can take many forms, such as despondency, depression, anger, or aggression" (Health iBook pg 2).

“When parents become depressed, angry, and sullen with one another and have increased conflict, the result is often harsh and inconsistent parenting or withdrawal” (page 2).

Family effect each other more than you realize. When a member of a family is stressed or depressed, this causes tension and more increased conflict. It's easier to get the person upset resulting in anger and more heavy stress on the other members of the family. Effective parenting and Monitoring can help ease relationships and help parents stay in a comfortable relationship with the child and other spouse.

“Peers influence everyone’s life, even if people don't realize it, just by spending time with together" (Page 4).

Peer pressure and culture also have an effect on an individual. Everyone feels he need to be accepted by other people around them. Some people get a more heavy pressure than others such as skipping class because your friends are or smoking which can really damage your health. Culture also has an effect. The older generation has a great effect on the younger. If you grow up in a religious family you might grow up believing this way just because they do.

“Moreover, it is rare for friendship dyads to occur in isolation; more typically they occur within a friendship network or clique" (page 3).

Girls at a young age are very affected by the social media we grew up with. Many magazines display the ideal 'image' of a girl to create the want or need to be just like the women in the photographs. I experienced this in my younger life and grew up trying to meet this image. This is why so many girls are always so hard on their body image and self esteem, because of the image we all grew up to know. This can lead to depression, anxiety, and other individual problems, creating strain with friendships and stress on the family.

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