smēocan A look into the dangerous life of smoking

smēocan - to emit smoke

Smoking does not only produce smoke that can damage the atmosphere, it also contributes to development of harmful effects to the human body. Most smokers start at a young age.

But why?

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Smoking : An Epidemic Amongst the Youth by Jomo Bautista

We’ve all gone through the stage in our lives wherein we’re looking for adventure, thrill, something new and exciting, though this isn’t necessarily bad or wrong, some people just end up finding these things in vices, more specifically smoking. This isn’t the only reason, as expected another factor is seeing older people smoke around them, sometimes their uncles, older cousins or even their parents, this causes them to be curious and want to do what their elders do. This is a problem because smoking is addictive, and starting young means that as one gets older it also subsequently becomes harder for one to let go of a habit that he/she developed. In the Philippines alone it is reported that 2 out of every 5 teenagers are smoking, this is already higher than the average amount of adults who smoke, which is around 35.4% as of 2013. An issue such as this must be addressed and prioritized as there are a number of negative consequences addiction to vices, not just smoking in general to one’s health and life.

The Effects of Smoking by Mik Balce

Smoking is a deadly act. It can cause a lot of side effects that are harmful to the body. Some of the effects that can occur are coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, and cerebrovascular disease.

It is difficult to stop smoking because by doing this act the person can develop an addiction. This addiction can happens because a cigarette contains an addictive substance called nicotine. Nicotine releases a rush of energy to a person making him/her immediately feeling pleasure and euphoria. Aside from nicotine, the companies making these cigarettes also put other additives and chemicals to make the cigarette more addictive. One such chemical is acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde enhances the effectiveness of the nicotine. Lastly, one way to avoid all these side effects is to not begin with smoking.

Smoking Myths by Jeremiah Encinas

As all addictions are these all start with false ideas regarding the issue, these contribute to the person eventually convincing himself and people around him that these myths are indeed true. There are a handful of smoking myths that need to be identified and are the most common there are two most evident myths. Firstly we have to ask why these myths have been almost been accepted by the smoking community, there are numerous reasons. One would be that they subconsciously want to give themselves a reason to continue smoking, thus they rely on believing these false ideas as a sort reassurance that the action they are doing is either not harmful, or they lack the capability to turn back. These people have backed themselves into a dark alley with almost no other options, they have developed a tunnel vision in fighting the issue, only seeing what they think and believe to be right. Due to this, these myths are born, to justify their actions and reassure themselves.

“Smoking occasionally won’t do me any harm”

Most people think of “smokers” as people who smoke extremely, more than usual which is around 20 cigarettes a day or 1 pack, however some go as high as 60 cigarettes or 3 packs a day. Due to these numbers, people who occasionally smoke around 1 – 4 cigarettes per day believe that doing these would have no subsequent effect on them. Despite smoking less than average these cigarettes still hold the same effect they would have if smoked more, though it would take more time for these effects to be seen. Each cigarette you smoke hurts your lungs, your blood vessels, and cells throughout your body. Based on this, lowering your intake of cigarettes may not be effective long term, the only way it to completely cut if off and stop.

“It’s too late to stop now, the damage has already been done”

Though the side effects of tobacco or cigarettes are indeed brutal and spares no one, the effects of this only get worse through time. However, the same can also be said if one stops these actions, the sooner one stops smoking, then that also means the sooner he/she will be able to recover from it. The moment you stop smoking your body already starts to heal the damage, and in a few years’ time, sicknesses such as stroke and lung cancer are cut in half, and the chances are almost similar to that of a non-smoker.

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