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Code to frat.

High school a time in your life when education is important and you should be staying out of trouble. Unless you’re the typical high school frat boy. How can you be a frat boy in high school when there is no fraternities one may ask. Jim the local high school frat boy will tell you "Who cares bruhh, I'm still totally frat." These group of kids love the weekends and hate the weekdays, dress nice, play sports, and are loved by most adults at their school. How must one be a considered frat in high school? Jim will tell you, "Just dress frat my dude!" But what is that the unknowing person of frat wonders. First off lets start with the shoe game. Those $150 pair of Jordan's, forget about it! Go and get you a rad pair of $90 dollar loafers instead to get noticed first hand by the frats. You'll start getting the comments of "Nice shoes bruh!" You'll start to feel more frat per comment you get. Next your going to want to get you a couple pairs of wranglers, white washed and khaki to go with your new icy shoes. You'll start to get noticed even more in the high school frat community if you get these! Now for your shirt, ditch the old school collared and get you a fancy Patagonia and vineyard vine shirt! Come to school in these outfits and the first thing you will hear is "Dude your so frat!" Then you will reach your goal of the frat look. Welcome to the club. But now if you really want in the club your going to want to live the frat life style. With your new look your bound to get invited to the next frat party. You better show up and party like no other to get in the club. When you get there your going to notice beer. Your underage? Who cares! Gonna be frat gonna have to get a little tipsy. Show the frats what your made of and down a couple. You'll start hearing, "Broo you're too frat!" Party the night off, play beer pong, talk to women, show up dressed frat, and your going to get in the frat club for sure. You'll wake up the next day, may not remember what happened but you'll check your fancy iphone 7 and you will see your self in a new group chat. You did it, you’ve reached your goal and done the code. You are now a high school "frat.

Girl has a mental breakdown contemplating on which Glow Kit to buy.

Katie Royals, a 17-year-old girl from San Francisco California was shopping on an ordinary Friday night when she suddenly had a mental breakdown, contemplating over which Glow Kit to buy. Ms. Royals states (from what she can remember) “It was Friday night around 7 when my best gal Sally and I walked into Sephora. I knew what I went in there for, I was going to walk out with the glow kit ‘Sun Dipped’. When I found it, I saw the new glow kit ‘Sweets’. I didn’t know what to do. Sally had ‘Sun Dipped’ and Brad (the most popular breathtaking boy at school) told Sally that she was POPPIN! ‘Sweets’ was the J-Lo of highlights! It was the release date and all the celebrities were already wearing it! And then all of a sudden, BANG! I fell to the floor and that’s all I remember.” Dr. Ally Sanders happened to be in Sephora shopping as well when she heard Katie Royals collapse. According to the medical report Katie Royals happened to have the worst mental breakdown in history. When Ms. Royals collapsed, she got a severe head injury and decided it wasn’t her fault. Ms. Royals mentioned in her interview earlier today that she has filed a lawsuit against Anastasia Beverly Hills for having such “blinding highlight”. She claims it is very dangerous and should be against the law. Ms. Royals aims to sue the company for $2.5 million. With the money she plans to invent glasses impenetrable to highlight. Katie Royals is currently recovering from her tragic accident and hopes to pursue her goals.

Too much homework...

Selfie taking and the facts you need to know.

Selfie taking has become a raging trend over the past couple of years. The art of taking a front-facing picture of yourself couldn’t be more exciting! Trust me it really couldn’t be. People tend to do potentially dangerous things to try and get” the perfect selfie”. Things like hanging off of cliffs and high buildings, or maybe even waiting for a train to come by to get the perfect shot for your Instagram spam account. You know what they say don’t knock it until you try it, unless you die in the process of doing it.

Not only is it everyday people like you and me doing it celebrities and social media influences are also taking part in the “selfie game”. Celebrities like Kim K, “the movie star” …” adult movie star”, make plenty of money off of their selfies. In today’s society taking selfies is considered a viable career, if you have no useful skills. Phones are even adapting to accommodate the need to take selfies. With better front facing cameras than ever, you are sure to notice just how big your nose really is. Even if you don’t like taking selfies, you can’t deny the sweet satisfaction you get when you needlessly hold your phone in front of your face. Hey, at least you have plenty of headshots for your failed career as an actor. All in all, selfie taking is a fun, “safe way” to take pictures.


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