Keep Your Yap Shut Willya You dirty moron

I'm a damn prince but these morons keep running their yaps trying to make me look like a louse. Ugh.
Here's a picture of what comes out of these phonies' mouths.

I'm not about to fill you in on my life because that crap bores me. If you really want to hear about it, I'm a 16 year old with a big problem; dirty morons who like to make up damn lies about decent people. All these phonies can't keep their damn yaps shut. Goddammit please do us all a favor and keep your opinions to you. Honestly, no one gives a shit. I swear it. I don't like you but I'm not out here making up trash to offend you. I'm telling the truth. The worst is their corny two faced personality that makes you think they like you. They are damn phonies I tell you. Damn phonies. Recently, I had a friend tell me that this kid was talking about something I did in the past and exaggerated the damn story to make me look like a louse! The worst part is, this phony apparently was talking about it at lunch-- I sit at the same goddamn table as him. All these phonies are making me so goddamn depressed. Look, if I punched you or something I would understand you being a louse but all you other phonies are just sonuvabitches... but the thing is, I won't punch you because I consider myself a pacifist, therefore all of you are just sonuvabitches. Not the point... What I'm tryna say is stop talking about other people you phony. I know you're all just dirty morons that think you're cool, but listen up. The world DOESN'T revolve around you and people HAVE feelings. Keep your goddamn opinion and lies to yourself. I swear to God no one cares. I swear it.

All these damn phonies being two faced.
Me when I hear dirty morons making up another lie.

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