Edvard Grieg was born on June 15,1843. He was born in Bergen Norway. His parents where Alexander and Gesine Grieg. Edvard had 4 siblings there names were John, Maren, Ingeborg benedicte, and Elizabeth. Edvard went to school at Tanks upper secondary school (1862). Edavard had one child her name was Alexandria. When Edvard grew up he was a famous pianist and music composer. When Edvard would compose he would need absolute quiet. Edvard was actually named the best music composer in Norway. He was widely considered one of the leading in the romantic era. His music is part of standard classical repertoire worldwide. Edvard died on September 4,1907 in Bergen Norway. He was 60 when he died. People would say that he was a sweet and gentile man. And he had a prickly personality. He had a poetical nature. He was always full of hope. He never weighed over 110 pounds

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