A Snorkeling Adventure Colby james

Photo curtesy of flicker, Phuket

On the third day of my vacation to Cancun, Mexico, my friends and I decided to go on a snorkeling excursion. I was a little nervous at first, but as soon as I stepped onto the fresh tan sand and saw the beautiful ocean in the distance, I knew snorkeling would be a great experience.

While I was getting on the tiny boat with my friends, my excitement rose. Traveling further into the ocean, we tried to find a specific spot to snorkel. This spot had to be far enough from the shore, but where the water was still clear.

The Snorkeling Boat, photo curtesy of Wikimedia, dronepicr

When we finally reached the perfect spot, we were given orange life jackets, flippers and masks to use in the water. Too scared to go first, I was the second person to jump into the water. As I put my feet in first, I felt the freezing cold water against my toes. I figured since it was March the water would be warm, but I was wrong.

After everyone got into the water, the snorkeling guide led us on an adventure. Looking left and right, I saw a new creature on each side of me. Everywhere I looked, I was amazed at the array of color each fish had. It almost seemed to be that no fish looked like any other, they were all unique by their size, color, and design. Some of the fish even displayed a polka dot like pattern to them.

The Ocean Floor, photo curtesy of Arthur de Bock

Continuing to look down, brightly colored coral surrounded the bottom of the ocean floor. I was interested to see that many more fish were hiding throughout the coral along the bottom of the ocean, clearly to hide from predators.

While traveling further and further into the Gulf of Mexico, I was scared, but excited when we came across a barracuda. Barracudas are known for their furrocious behavior, so I made sure to keep my distance. I was always told they were big fish, but I was surprised when I saw the size of it. Their silver tinted skin and sharp teeth would scare anyone away. However, I was excited to come face to face with a well known fish.

Swimming back to the boat, I was happy to get out of the cold water, but sad I didn't get the chance to explore more of the creatures in the ocean. Overall, snorkeling was an amazing opportunity that I got to experience. Getting a closer look at the clear blue water and exquisite colors of all the sea creatures is an activity I think anyone would find interesting, as I did.

Clear Blue Ocean, curtesy of Fraser Mummery

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