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Social Studies - Ms. Scilingo

Students' March Madness Project Bracket

March Madness hit Room 304 in full force this term! Students jumped right into a basketball-inspired project in which they were put into teams and given the task of designing East Asian towns and cities. Students created maps of their locations, designed unique logos for their cities, and conducted a tremendous amount of research as they collaborated on this competition and project.

Collaborating with our teams!

Prior to our March Madness project, students took their creativity to a whole new level as they explored South Asia. Hindu Deity cards and scrapbooks that detailed Buddha's life were among the many highlights of this unit.

Students explored the major religions of South Asia
Hindu deities and holidays decorate our hallway bulletin board!

What's next for 6th grade geography?

After students wrap up units on East and Southeast Asia, we will conclude our study of the world's largest continent with a mini-unit on Russia. That will lead us into our 3rd continent of the year, Europe, where students will get to plan another "dream vacation!"

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Science - Mrs. Mulligan

After Life Science, we went on to Physical Science. We have done some really fun labs as we learned about matter and mixtures!

"Lava Lamps" and Rainbow Lab, just two of the labs the students really enjoyed during this unit.
Whatever floats your boat. Having fun learning about buoyancy and density. Even Mr. Hayward joined in the fun!

Next stop, chemistry and learning about The Periodic Table. We will also learn how and why chemical reactions happen.

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AIA Math- Mrs. Banks

The kids really enjoyed a variety of tasks to extend their knowledge of fractions, coordinate planes, exponent rules and order of operations!

We recently tried out a new site called Flipgrid. The students had an opportunity to complete an Error Analysis problem (they found a mistake in a problem and corrected it), then recorded a short video explaining their thinking for their classmates to view! Here are some examples of their videos!

What's Up Next.... We will begin covering the 6th grade Geometry Unit. We will cover the following topics: area of squares, rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, special shapes, polygons in coordinate planes, surface area & volume of prisms, using an interactive notebook, Error Analysis problems, Flipgrid assignments, Real World word problems & hands on activities using nets of 3D figures!

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Learning Specialist Updates- Mrs. Jensen

Prepping for the Test...

Students have been working hard in preparation for the ELA MCAS, which is for the first time being administered as a computer- based test. Both students and teachers have made a nice transition in adapting to this format. During ICE, students were able to complete an online tutorial in order to get a look at the presentation of the test, the features & question format, and tools they could use to support them during the test. One neat tool that the kids thought would be quite helpful was the “Answer Eliminator,” which works by discarding incorrect answers by placing a red X through them. Narrowing down answer choices is a strategy the kids have been practicing all year long when taking tests and quizzes in all of their classes, so it was nice to see that this was able to transfer over to the computer-based test. Next, we will look ahead to begin prepping for the Math MCAS coming up in May.

All smiles after finishing MCAS!

Terrific Tech!

Having the 1:1 chromebooks has continued to be an awesome asset, during both ICE and class time. It allows students to have accessibility at all times, such as read aloud, typing, and study tools. Kids have been continuing to use Quizlet to study for tests and quizzes. Quizlet is a great way for students to prepare themselves for tests as it features flashcards, games, and online quizzes. Students can set up an account and in addition to studying from teacher generated quizlet sets, they can also make their own! During ICE this term, Mrs. Jensen introduced students to Google Keep after learning about it herself at an EdTech workshop here at NMS. Google Keep is a great way for kids to stay organized by utilizing it as an agenda, making lists, setting reminders, or as a space for note-taking. It is extremely user-friendly and helpful in many ways. Many teachers and other adults also use Google Keep and find it to be beneficial. Check it out below!

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I wanted to share a valuable and helpful resource for teachers, students, and parents which provides information and support regarding students who face learning and attention challenges. Middle School can present students and families with new sets of demands and challenges. Check out the website below and help to spread knowledge and awareness, and learn how to provide or receive support.

Math - Mrs. Weise

Pi Day was a Sweet Success!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the delicious finale of Pi Day! Taking place on a half day of school, Pi Day flew by in such a flash that we didn't have time to get photos of all the action. But students were busy making sense of Pi all day. They wrote pi mnemonics, competed in a pi trivia kahoot challenge after searching the Internet for answers, measured the diameters and circumferences of various circular objects, graphed the results of their measurements with the cut ribbon to discover that Pi is a constant ratio, and experimented with tossing toothpicks to find pi shows up when analyzing the data results.

The best pi mnemonic was written by Charlotte and Kacie representing the first twenty-one digits of pi with the number of letters in each word of the composition: 3 .1 4 1 5 9 2 6 5 3 5 8 9 7 9 3 2 3 8 4 6 - "How I Want a Green applejack to devour, these are yummy tempting enjoyable classic breakfast and if you honestly want snacks"

We had two days for students to compete in showing off the number of digits of pi that they memorized. For the written competition on March 16th, Emery came in third writing 67 digits, Luke came in second writing 88 digits, and Emma came in first writing 102 digits. For the verbal competition on March 21, Luke came in third reciting 100 digits, Emma came in second consistent with 102 digits, and Emery came in 1st reciting 115 digits. Listen to his amazing recitation below:

Making the abstract concepts of Algebra more concrete with Trick-or-Treat stories and a balance. Fully engaging students with a shared Google Sheet, a competitive Kahoot game, and fun matching and sorting activities.

Now all students have learned the basics of Algebra involving the use of expressions, equations, functions, and inequalities with variables. And students who have been using the pre-algebra book are caught up with ratios, rates, proportions, and percents. Moving forward, everyone is learning most of geometry in AIA Math with Mrs. Banks, but we will extend our learning about circles from Pi Day in room 305 and now use pi to calculate the circumference and areas of circles. After April vacation, we will become statisticians and analyze data with measures of center, measures of range, and statistical displays such as line plots, histograms, and box and whiskers plots.

100% Mastery of 6th Grade Skills on Khan has been achieved by: Sandy, Carly, Sydney, Ellie, Owen, Sara, and Mrs. Weise! Who will be next???

Khan Academy Challenge & Celebration

Reminder that all who master at least 60% of sixth grade skills on Khan by the end of the day on May 15, will be recognized with an ice cream party and outdoor recess during an ICE block in the weeks following MCAS. Effort with Khan really spiked after this incentive was mentioned before February vacation. There are already 33 students eligible for the Khan Celebration! Keep your Khan on and be part of the fun!

Math Benchmark - May 10th

Students will be taking a cumulative math benchmark on May 10th. This benchmark will cover all material taught since September. Students will be given study guides and there will be material put in Google Classroom for review.

Math Supply Request

In the math room, we are in dire need of pencils, dry erase markers, and tissues - all for student use. Many students are showing up to class with no pencils and dry erase markers. Depending on the topic, students sometimes use dry erase markers on a daily basis as the whiteboards provide great motivation for student engagement and great formative assessment tool for me as the teacher. I personally bought a large supply of pencils and a couple of parents sent in big boxes also. However, students are borrowing and not returning between 24 and 36 pencils per week. The supply I have will run out in a couple weeks. Spring allergy season is upon us, not to mention the flu and various colds, so students are looking for tissues in class and we often don't have any. Please send in a couple boxes as I am sure math is not the only room with a tissue shortage. Thank you very much for your generosity and support!

Stay tuned in with math at:

ELA- Ms. Sullivan and Mrs. Murphy

Ms. Sullivan’s ELA class student’s learning project explored the life of Helen Keller and how she overcame her disabilities to become an amazing role model to others. First, we read the play, “The Courage of Helen Keller” by Katherine Noli. We learned Helen Keller was born in 1882. Also, we learned how hard it was for her to be blind and deaf because she got Scarlett Fever as a child before penicillin was discovered. As a result, her family hired a teacher, Anne Sullivan to teach Helen to speak using sign language and Braille to read and write. Then, we volunteered for parts in the play. We practiced our lines. In addition, with the assistance of Mrs. Zajac, the Speech and Language therapist we learned about PVLEGS, which is an acronym to remember the following necessary skills to use when giving a performance: poise, voice, life, eye contact, gestures, and speed. We watched two videos and completed a Performance Rubric evaluating each example of a well done performance and another that needed much improvement. Next, we brainstormed on strategies we could use to do our best job possible. Then, we practiced performing our scenes. We watched videos of our performance and completed a Performance Rubric on our own performance. Lastly, we shared feedback with each other in a positive productive manner. Our final product is seen in the videos below along with the PVLEGS videos we watched in class. We hope you enjoy our performance. We sure had fun doing it!

Students busily working with partners to complete their peer editing before submitting their written responses of the "Helen Keller Simulation Experiment" Students participated in a 15 minute experiment at home where they safely blindfolded themselves with their parent's permission. Then, they recorded observations they used as details in a written response they shared with the class. Most students expressed being grateful for their eyesight and realized a new appreciation for Helen's persistence to succeed despite her challenges!

Mrs. Wells, ELA

As term 3 drew to a close, students completed personal narratives and preposition poems. In addition, they studied poetry and wrote fixed form poems, such as limericks and haiku. In term 4, we will continue to study the works of several poets and explore other poetic forms, such as lyric, narrative, and sonnet poetry. Also, students will write a color poem and continue to bolster their grasp of figurative language, rhythm, rhyme, and meter.

Term 4 will also include The Giver by Lois Lowry. Other reading will encompass classical Greek and Roman mythology often in dramatic form as reader's theater.

Thank you for reading! We look forward to a fun-filled end of the year with our great team of students!

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