Andrew Carnegie captain of industry

The average daily wages Carnegie gave to his workers was $1.81. Even though this seems very low, this price is higher than what the workers in other industries are getting. He could of lowered the workers wages even more to make more money for himself, but he did not.

As the production costs for steel, Carnegie lowers the selling price. He could of kept the prices high and made more of a profit. He kept the production cost and selling price very close which makes him a captain of industry because hes making a lot of money with keeping prices reasonable with the production cost.

He spent all of this money on gifts, for people which meant he didn't have as much money for himself. He could've kept it for him but he used his money for charity and gifts instead of holding onto it himself and having so much money that he didn't know what to do with it.

Vanderbilt effects us today because he was the first man to have a huge railroad business. People looked at how he ran his business, so they could start their own.

Vanderbilt has historical sites that are still around today. Tourists travel around to go see these sites. An example of one of his historical sites is his mansion.

Vanderbilt also effects us today because he has a college named after him. This shows that people honor Vanderbilt today because they made a college in honor of him.


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