5 Items Every Soldier Needs to Have to Survive the Trenches By: Colin James

(American M-1917A1)

This Steel Helmet is just one of the many helmets used to protect the troops in WWI. Steel Helmets will save your life if a bullet happens to travel to your head. These helmets were designed to withstand head shots in the trenches, so that if your head is peeking out, the helmet will deflect the bullet and save your life ("10 Things").

(WW1 Gas Mask)

Gas Masks, if used properly, will be your best friend in the trenches. While the opposition is throwing gas bombs into your trenches, if you can put this mask on quickly, you will be ready to fight in the middle of a gas cloud. Also, this mask will protect you from any other harmful substances that you may encounter in your trench ("10 Things").

(Elaborate camouflage)

As a Sniper in WW1, your job was to take out enemies from long distance without being discovered. One way to ensure you were not seen was to wear a camouflage suit. These suits were meant to blend in with the surroundings. Eventually, more suits were made for all troops in combat ("10 Things").

(WW1 Periscope)
(Periscope Weapon)

Periscopes were very important in WW1 to scout out your enemies. The Periscope was a long, wooden box that had mirrors on the top and bottom, allowing the user to see above the trenches without exposing themselves. Eventually, guns were made that could fold up and become a periscope so that troops could shoot their weapon accurately without exposing themselves (BBC).

(Casualty Dog)

Many dogs were used in WW1 to help soldiers with many different tasks. One task these dogs helped with was finding injured troops on the battlefield and alerting doctors. Another task was scouting ahead of the troops to see if danger was ahead. The final task that these dogs helped with was alerting soldiers by barking or growling if they sensed a stranger approaching (BBC).

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