My Focused Future By:Leigha Easerwood

Learn Archery
Meet the President{when trump leaves office}
Bungee Jump from a bridge
Go horseback riding
Go to a great collage
Help the community
Go on a diet
Swim with dolphins in the ocean
Own a restaurants
Conquer biggest fear
Go on a expensive cruise
Donate money to a good cause
14. Take a yoga class
15. Ride first class on a plane
16. Ride in a hot air ballon
17. Eat healthy for 20 days in a row
18. Win the lottery
19. Get Married
20. Have a family
21. Become rich
22. Graduate from high school and college
23. Climb a mountain
24. See the Northern Lights
25. Become a Dermatologist
26. Go Scuba Diving
27. Go Sky Diving
28. Watch the sunset
29. Travel to Rio


Created with images by wka - "Beach" • Rictor Norton & David Allen - "UCLA Campus" • JeepersMedia - "McDonalds" • Unsplash - "boat interior steering wheel" • Olessya - "ring wedding wedding rings" • sasint - "adult asia background" • Olichel - "graduation grads cap" • Meditations - "airplane aviation blue" • Daniel Hardman - "Rio"

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