The Fall of Tweed By Bernie Shuravesky

The Tweed Ring Led by Boss William M. Tweed

The largest political machine of the Progressive Era and Stole upwards of $200 million from New York City

The Tweed Ring Held much sway in politics up until 1870 when people like Thomas Nast, Chester Arthur, Louis Jennings, and Samuel J. Tilden worked extremely hard to get Tweed arrested

Thomas Nast

Thomas Nast used political cartoons to influence things happening in every day life and politics

He made it his goal to get Tweed behind bars and used all of his public influence exposing Tweed and the corruption of Tammany Hall. Through his cartoons he eventually succeeded in getting Tweed arrested and sentenced to time in prison

These were just a few Of the many political cartoons Thomas Nast created exposing the corruption of politics and the real cause of the corruption, the Tweed Ring
Chester Arthur the 21st president was well known for helping to end the spoils system. Due to the way The Tweed Ring functioned it could not thrive without the spoils system so it failed.

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