Cause and affect of Exploration By alexis rust p.2A 3-16-17


causes- When spices were discovered people found that they could make bland meals exciting. This created a need for them because they could make bland meals good. They went through the supply of spices quickly. They found that there was far more spices available in other places so there was a need for travel,

Effects- Time went quickly and they were traveling over seas to find spices. They started a world wide need for them so they stocked up. Quickly after this they were making money off this discovery. The spices became more than something for just flavor but also medications and perfumes.

Slave Labor

Cause- With all the new discoveries came hard work that wasn't desired to do. Slave labor became a popular option. They started to buy and sell slaves like crazy. they loaded them into ships in bad conditions. Over 270 thousand slaves were shipped between countries.

effects- With slaves still being human and having needs many didn't make it. Since it was so popular thousands were packed onto a ship and died from disease on the way over. The slaves who did live brought disease over and killed the healthy ones in the country. To this day there is not many Native Americans in the world due to the world wide wipe out.

Need for gold and silver/the new world

causes- With the constant need for power the invention found instead was much more impressive. The Spanish wanted gold and silver and were willing to travel for this. It was not just gold and silver they were searching for it was more of a need for power. With all this need there was a trip that Christopher Columbus was sent on to find these treasures.

Effects- The voyage led them to a new land that was at first referred to as the new world. This new world had all the treasure they could imagine so there was a desire to claim it. With all the following discovered the Spanish and those in charge of finding this amazing discovery they became very wealthy. There was a new level of the need for wealth.

Work Cited ( updated on January 12, 2017) Notes in class. ( updated on fed 28,2017) text books in class.


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