Bioptic Driving Eye wear lens that provide general vision for driving


What is Bioptic Lenses?
  • Prescription eyewear that is combined with a smaller telescope system. These eyewear lenses provide a general vision as the telescope helps by quick spotting details for the visually impaired patient. It can be assembled for both eyes or just one.


William Feinbloom, O.D., Ph.D. 1904-1985 Low Vision Pioneer, Inventor & the Pioneer in Bioptic Driving

How does it work?

  • Only used to do quick spotting such as to read traffic signs or check a distant traffic light.
  • Used just as the way we would look in the rear view mirror.
  • The eye conditions that fit with bioptics involve loss of central or macular vision.
  • The central vision aids in detail such as reading a sign or a traffic signal.

Bioptic Systems

  1. VES- Sport
  2. VES- AutoFocus
  3. VES-K
  4. VES-II
  5. 5.5X Beecher Mirage
  6. The Politzer Telescopic Lens
  7. Focusable Galilean Bioptic
  8. Wide Angle

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