Han & Leia John Lara, Emily simmons, tiffany okorochukwu

The Meeting (Han)

This princess is really annoying. I came because she'll be worth a great reward, but this rescue mission has turned out to be such a hassle. I'm getting shot at by those stormtroopers right now. What? Trash compactor? I have a bad feeling about this. Great. Now I'm about to get squished to death. She's yelling at me.

Cloud City (Han)

I remember when we were stuck in the trash compactor all those years ago. I still can't believe we made it out of there alive and destroyed the Death Star. Too bad that old man died. Now I'm about to be frozen. She told me she loved me... Don't cave... "I know." That probably sounded epic. AAAAAAAHHHHHH

She Loves Me

Wow. I can't believe they got me out of there. Now we're fighting in a forest. We won the final battle! Now's my chance. I can ask her about Luke. "You love him don't you." What? Brother? She's kissing me now. This is good? This is good... This is good!

The Meeting (Leia)

I can't believe they blew up my planet. I'm gonna die now. What's all that noise? Stormtroopers? No. They're here to rescue me? They're doing a terrible job. This Luke guy is kind of cute but this other guy is rude. Great... They rescued me just so I can die with the trash...

Coud City (Leia)

I can't believe we've been betrayed. I knew we shouldn't have trusted one of Han's friends. I mean, they're friends with Han. They must be bad. But yet, I find myself falling for him. But... maybe I'll never see him again. This could be my last chance. Don't cave... Can't help it... "I love you." I know... I know... That's all?

He Loves Me

We just survived an epic battle and he's asking me about my brother? Oh wait. I never told him. "Oh yeah... he's my brother." Awkward silence. Do something. Kiss him. I'm kissing him now. I think I like this guy.

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