The Life Of a Pro With a Concussion By Landon Aggas

Hello. My name is Mike Webster and I was diagnosed with (CTE) chronic traumatic encephalopathy. For me, CTE was caused by the many concussions I experienced over the course of 25 years of playing the game of football. Now I know a lot of people have the question "What is a concussion?" Well, the best answer I have for you is that it is a brain injury that alters thy way your brain works and affects functions like concentration, memory, and keeping balance.

The next question I usually get asked is "What are some of the diagnostic tools they use to find concussions?" After they classify you as either an athlete or a non-athlete, they will do some physical evaluations, and computerized tests to check if you have a concussion or not because MRI's and CT scans alone don't pick them up.

Treatments for concussion vary greatly. Many people with CTE will start with self-care where you simply reduce activity and get some rest. Another common treatment is supportive care where you are monitoring the condition instead of taking immediate action. There is also analgesic care where you take medication that is a pain reliever. In addition, therapy is another treatment option. With therapy, you focus on the brain's pathways and the therapy is designed to increase the mental and physical functions of the brain after a head injury. Even with treatment, according to blogger VL Crain (, professional football players can expect to lose 20 years off their life due to CTE.

Some limitations that come with a concussion include not being able to do physically straining activities such as, heavy house cleaning, or even working out and weightlifting. Also you should avoid things that require a great deal of concentration like balancing your check book. In addition, you shouldn't do any kind of sports or ride roller coasters. None of these activities should be performed until your doctor gives you the greenlight. Then you can go back to normal but you'll have to work your way up and not start straight back 110%.

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