BARRY BONDS Ajani and Elijah

(Description)- Barry Bonds is a strategic board game based on probability meant to stimulate a few innings of a winning baseball game

(Objective)- Players are trying to "run" around the diamond before other players do. Every time a player is up to bat, he or she will be able to land a single, double, triple, or home run. The first player to pass the home diamond more than 5 times wins the game.

(Game Components)- Only a 4 player game, 4 game pieces, 2 four-sided dice, 1 game board( meant to represent baseball stadium), Game money ($1's, $5's, $10's), game chips for steroids.

1st and 2nd base
3rd and 4th base
Baseball diamond, with all 4 bases and game pieces shown

(How to Play)

  1. You start out with two four sided dice to determine batting order. You can either make your own die, or find a pair.
  2. Each player begins with $10. You can purchase steroids for the cost of $3 the game which can have potentially positive and negative effects on the outcome of the game steroids ($3).
  3. For a player to begin their turn, he/she would roll one die to determine what type of hit you will bat. If 1 is rolled, it is equivalent to landing a single run. If a 2 is rolled, it is equivalent to a landing double run. If a 3 is rolled, it is equivalent to landing a triple run. If a 4 is rolled, this is equivalent to landing a home run.
  4. After the player learns what they could possibly bat in step 3, the player then rolls both die to determine if they strike out or not. For example, If you rolled for a possible single run, then for it to land a 4 or higher would need to be rolled. If a double was rolled, then a 5 or higher would make it successful. A triple run would need to be a 6 or higher, while a home run would be a 7 or higher.
  5. Extra innings, which are equal to extra dollars, can be earned if you hit a ball higher than the steps necessary to reach home. For example, if you're on second base and you roll a triple, you will receive a $1. You can use these dollars to purchase to extra steroids.
  6. If your hit is successful, then you move the appropriate number of spaces. After this, the next player begins their turn.
  7. The first player to pass home plate five times wins the game!


You can purchase steroids anytime, but they only last for one go around the diamond, so beware!

Steroids increase your chances of a successful hit in the following ways:

  1. Single: 3 or higher rolled
  2. Double: 4 or higher rolled
  3. Triple: 5 or higher rolled
  4. Home Run: 6 or higher rolled

However, if a lower number is rolled, then there will be the negative consequence of losing a $1. For example, if you have purchased steroids and have a double run waiting to land. For it to land, a 4 or higher needs to rolled. If a 3 or lower is rolled, then you will be penalized with the loss of your money. The MLB has a strict anti-drug policy which if they find out will cost you money for using steroids in a game!

Created By
Ajani Smith


Created with images by Pexels - "baseball sports field stadium"

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