Ward Green Primary February 2021 Newsletter

A big THANK YOU to all of our parents for engaging with our remote learning provision at home - you have been AMAZING!! Our remote learning has been one of ( If not THE BEST) in Barnsley and I can honestly say our children have had the very best throughout the lockdown.

We are waiting for the announcement on the 22nd February from the Government which will hopefully set out plans for a full school opening - we will see - COME ON BORIS!!

EVERYONE have a lovely half term break, lots of rest and fun things to do! We have included a few suggestions below for you to try!

7 Things for 7 Days

Half Term Activities

14th February - Valentine's Day

The most romantic day of the year is 14th of February when we can show how much the special people in our lives mean to us. Why not get creative?

Write your own song or rap for someone special it could be a parent, grandparent, brother, sister or friend. Then record yourself singing it.

If singing’s not your thing make and send your own card. Here’s some ideas…

15th February - Big Garden Bird Watch

Spend time in the garden or anywhere outdoors and join in the Big Garden Bird Watch. Why not take part? Follow the link to ideas and fun activities to do.

16th February - Go Flipping Crazy

Anybody got any idea what we do to celebrate Shrove Tuesday?

Yes, you’ve got it – make (and eat) pancakes! It’s Pancake Day!

Follow Miss Eyre as she shows us how on the link below.

17th February - Random Act of Kindness

It’s cool to be kind. The 17h of February is International Random Act of Kindness day. Put a smile on someone’s face and do something that is kind and thoughtful. click here for some ideas.

18th February - Get Outdoors

Being outside in nature helps our brains and bodies feel happier so let’s get outside! What could you do?

  • Go for a walk somewhere local with your family – maybe on a route you’ve not been on before? Don’t worry about the weather – get your waterproofs and wellies on, splash in the puddles, embrace the mud…it’s all good!
  • Build a den – get busy designing or building your own den (you could even do this inside if it’s a rainy day)
  • It may still be winter but there’s still lots of useful things you can do outdoors like help tidy the garden, sort out the shed or clean the car. You’ll be doing something helpful at the same time as getting active and keeping healthy.

19th February - A Note of Hope

School is just not the same without you amazing lot and we’ve really missed each and every one of you! We’re all excited to think it won’t be long before you return.

Do you feel the same? Who have you missed? Friends or family or both? Why not put pen to paper and write a letter to let someone know you’re thinking about them? Include your hopes and wishes for after lockdown. What are you hoping you will be able to do together? What do you wish for them?

Maybe you could even hand deliver it (socially distanced of course) as part of your Get outdoors activity?

Finally, remember whatever you do we’d love to see it! Post it on Seesaw or tweet it on Twitter.

20th February - Love Your Pet Day

Today’s a day when you’re encouraged to show just how much you love your pet! So, whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, snake or a goldfish do something extra to show your pet just how much you love them!

If you haven’t got a pet, design your own! What would it look like? What could it do?

Share with us on Seesaw or social media what you did to make your pet’s day special.

World Book Day Thursday 4th March 2021

We're excited to announce this project alongside Worsbrough Common Primary School. We want to brighten up our local area with all kinds of amazing book characters for World Book Day. Hopefully, you can start thinking about which character you’d like to create as we can't wait to see the fantastic designs you will come up with! The plan is to collate all entries from both schools. We will create a 'trail map' of the local area to spot all the characters while doing your daily exercise within your household. Watch this space after half term for more information about how to submit your entry and the fantastic prizes that will be on offer!

Ward Green Owl home visits

The Ward Green owl is got ready to visit Year 3 children with special reading packs. Fabulous new books to read at home.

Home Broadband

Many internet providers are giving additional data to those families accessing remote learning at home so please take a look and check with your provider if you are eligible.

Cancelled Inset Day

The planned inset day for Monday 22nd February has been cancelled as we need to be open for critical workers and vulnerable families. Monday 12th April will now be a Inset day. Home learning for children will resume Monday 22nd February and we will be open for critical worker and vulnerable children.

We are already planning lots of exciting activities for after half term to support children coming back to school - we have missed them so much!!

See you all on Monday 22nd February and lets hope its the start of a countdown to a full school reopening!


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