On liturgy

What is liturgy?

Liturgy is the public, communal, official worship of the church where the people of God participate in the work of God.

Mass as sacrifice

The Eucharist is a true sacrifice, the first christians proclaimed this in their writings. The protestants don't believe it to be a sacrifice. Jesus is not crucified every single mass. The church intends mass to be regarded as a "true and proper sacrifice"

Community and liturgy

Our own sense of who and what we are, are based on relationships we've had with others. Liturgical activity is an act of love. A person is always in relation with others, even at birth.

Liturgical diversity in the church

The church adapts to various cultures. Liturgical diversity can be good or bad. It can cause a schism. Churches give liturgical expression to the mystery of Christ according to their culture. They have their own theological understandings and forms of holiness.

How is the liturgy both unified and diverse in the church?

Their cultures and religious practices can be different but they all have the same central belief.

Audry Carnivale 3/1/17 period E

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