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What is DELiRiUM?

DELiRiUM is not a fete. DELiRiUM is not an event. DELiRiUM is an experience for the dynamic, bold, adventurer who's ready to take life to the next level while having fun doing it. At DELiRiUM we celebrate Caribbean Culture and the ambassadors who are spreading the sounds, sights and senses of the Caribbean all over the globe. We are the intersection where passion, culture and innovation meet. Is this for you? Come and get connected to your own madness, get connected to your own DELiRiUM...

Who's at DELiRiUM?

DELiRiUM and COVID-19: What's Happening?

Spring is the season of renewal. New energy. New beginnings. New futures. And this spring brings with it new challenges for stories unknown with endings undecided. And DELiRiUM is no different.

On May 31, 2020, DELiRiUM TV launches with programming by, for and about us, The Caribbean Diaspora all over the world. We are talking music, mas, tech, travel, entertainment, energy, new enterprises, medicine, politics and more.

Our first show, Feters, highlights carnivals from every place we travel and dynamic interviews. Up next is SWIPED, a show dedicated to the innovation of the Caribbean community. And there is more to come.

Join the party. Be apart of the media revolution for the Caribbean diaspora. WE are sharing our stories from all around the globe. Sign up for our mailing list to stay connected.

Where is DELiRiUM?

Look for us here:

  • Trinidad 2020
  • Jamaica 2020(due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this event has been postponed.)
  • Toronto 2020(due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this event has been cancelled.)
  • New York 2020(Stay tuned for more details)
  • Miami 2020(Stay tuned for more details)

Join us on this cultural journey!

We want you to see for yourself. Text "Follow DeliriumFete" to 40404 and follow the prompts.

Do you have voice that you want to share? A message to the Caribbean community that is going unheard? Join our volunteer support team. Where ever you are in the Caribbean Diaspora, we want to hear from you. With a wide range of opportunities to participate in (from photography to social media to blogging to event management to customer relations), you can find your full expression at DELiRiUM!

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