Treasure Hunters Secret of the forbidden city

The Main Idea

The main idea of this book is to tell a fiction story about four kids who are trying their best to find their parents who have masteriously gone missing. I think that another main idea of this book could be to write a fiction story telling facts and visuals to help you understand things and facts from all around the world because in the story the Kidd family when to China, India, Maine and a lot of other places but heres the catch everywhere they went when you are reading you end up learning something about a differant culture.

This is the Kidd family ( without their parents ) the first two are the twins Beck and Bick the next one is Storm the really really smart one and the last one is their old brother Tommy which is way cool but not to smart.


I think that the theme of the story is that no mader what you want to do nothing is impossible it may not be completly possible for a couple of years but you can do anything if you want if you really really want it and are ready to take the steps to get there even if they are super challenging. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!!!

This is most of the treasure hunters series it is just missing treasure hunters peril at the top of the world.

What is the series about?

I bet you have been wondering " what is treasure hunters about?" well I'm here to tell you what it's about. Here is a summery by the perspective of the main character Bick Kid!

We were once a happy famous family ( not that I liked being famous ) and we lived happy lives out on the sea in our home a ship we called the lost. We had lost our mom to a band of pirates who kiddnaped her and we havn't seen her sence. One night there was a storm what you could call a perfect storm and are dad was sweppt overboard and killed or so we thought, we have reason to belive that he is still alive and giving us clues to where he is. But heres the thing we were lost on the lost good thing we didn't call our ship the sunk or the non-waterproff or the titanic 2 but what I'm saying is that we have to find our dad before it's to late. Will we find our dad and rescue our mom well, if you want to know read the treasure hunters series. Thankyou

The end

(: Thankyou :)

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