Exhibit #3: Retrieval Practice Self-Study

Quizlet Page on Preterit form
Flash Cards pt.1
Flash Cards pt.2
Flash Cards pt.3
Letter I wrote completely in Spanish to help me get used to the Preterit form. My tutor definitely let me know where I messed up.


In my Spanish 1020 class we always take a quiz before we take a major chapter test to better prepare us for the test. Well when we took the Chapter 8 Quiz I came in pretty unprepared and only scored an 18.5 out of 41. That’s a pretty bad score, so I decided to change my study habits (or create some) so that I could do better on the test. So, I reached out to my close friend Katherine, who speaks fluent Spanish, to help tutor me. We would meet in either Daniel Hall or the library and work on the Preterit conjugation forms of verbs because that is what the test would cover. She made makeshift flashcards for me for each of the verbs and their conjugations in each form. These were very helpful in helping me remember the different conjugation forms as well as the verbs meanings in English. I also used Quizlet pages to help learn how certain verbs have special tenses where they don’t always follow the rules of regular verbs. Because I could access it at basically any time it was very helpful when I could sneak a quick peek in here or there in between classes or eating. I also took it upon myself to write little paragraphs in all Spanish and have my tutor review them to tell me what I did right and wrong. When writing in only Spanish in the Preterit tense it forces you to understand the material you are writing about or else your writing will look foolish and not make sense. These tools combined with my tutor helped me tremendously on my homework but most importantly it helped me score a 44.5 out of 51 on my Chapter 8 Test. A B was a huge step up from my quiz grade, especially in a challenging class like a foreign language.


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