Fictional Reality By Slayer

Divine Intervention

1994 | Metal

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“Treachery, misery, violence, insanity, scavengers closing in. -- Covering the truth again. -- Castrate society. -- Fictional reality."


  • Slayer was formed in 1981 by Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman, Dave Lombardo, and Tom Araya in Huntington Park, CA.
  • Divine Intervention was the band's first album to feature Paul Bostaph, replacing original drummer Dave Lombardo.
  • The cover artwork was painted and designed by Wes Benscoter as a re-imaging of the band's early "Slayergram" graphic.


Luke Tatum

"Suicidal hierarchy racing in reverse; Everything that's said today will be tomorrow's curse." That doesn't sound very PC, now, does it? After all, the postmodernists expect us all to categorize ourselves by privilege and self-shame for being successful. This attitude, which is wildly counter to the actual nature of reality, deals real damage to the accumulated wealth of history; the knowledge and institutions of oure forefathers are not always correct in absolute terms, but they have in general led to great increases in standard of living and productivity. To cast everything aside for the sake of some supposed justice is to live in a "fictional reality" indeed.

Sherry Voluntary

Slayer slays it once again. This band was woke before woke was a thing. “Suicidal hierarchy racing in reverse / Everything that's done today will be tomorrow's curse.” That is the absolute definition of government intervention and regulation.. Every time the government goes to solve a problem, they actually almost always end up making it worse. Government interventions are rigid and inflexible, they cannot change as the needs or circumstances change. Anything done by committee is never going to be quick and effective at solving problems. There will never be a government that can compete with the efficiency, effectiveness, or flexibility of the free market and the solutions that people can come up with themselves when left to solve their own problems.

Nicky P

This song seems to be addressing how poorly our current system fits. We can all smell that there's something wrong with it but opt to follow along so as to not draw the ire of everyone else pretending it makes sense. A doomed operation to be sure, but one in which survival depends on holding up a system that grinds us up as its fuel. Step out of line and be branded a heretic. We all know where that ends.

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Nicky P