Italy By katelyn parr

The flag of Italy

The colours of the flag are green, white, and red. Green stands for the hills, white stands for the mountains and red stands for the Bloody wars fought for independence. There is also a religious interpretation of these colours and that is green standing for hope, white for faith and red for charity.

The national anthem

The Italian national anthem was made in 1847. It is called Brothers of Italy. Italians take national anthem very seriously. Did you know that there is actually a toilet in a museum in Italy that plays the national anthem?

The climate of Italy

In Italy they have longer summers than winters. They have hot dry summers and cool winters. Italy experiences a Mediterranean climate.

Government of Italy

Italy is a democratic republic. It has a parliamentary government based on a proportional voting system. Proportional representation means if a percentage of people vote for a political party then they get roughly that percentage of government seats. Example if the government has 10 seats and if 40 people vote for the pizza party then they would get 4 seats, and if lasagna party had 60 votes they would get 6 seats.

Goffredo Mameli

Goffredo was a 20 year old poet that wrote the national anthem. He died only 2 years after he wrote the anthem.

The national sport

The most popular sport in Italy is soccer but in Italy they call soccer football. Soccer is not like a sport to them its more like a religion. Did you know that Italy has won 4 world cups.


In Italy the most spoken language is Italian but they also speak English and German. In Italy this is how you say hello bonjourno and ciao.


Italy is a Christian country 88 percent of the people belong to the Roman Catholic Church

National flower

The national flower is a lily

National bird

Their national bird is a blue bird

National animal

Their national animal is a wolf but in Italy there's also a lot of cats strolling the streets at least according to my Nonna

Time for some food

Pasta my favourite

Lasagna my second favourite


Parmesan cheese



Many of the most popular Italian holidays are shared with the western world like us. They have Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Easter. Other holidays have been imported like Hallowee. All festivals and holidays in Italy revolve around food and family.

Interesting facts

In Italy around 3000 dollars are thrown into the trevi foundation by tourists daily

More interesting facts

Italy is home to Europe's only three active volcanoes.

Up until 1999 children only had to attend school until they where 14.

In terms of population, Italy is the third oldest country in the world behind Japan and Germany

Italians invented the piano and thermometer

The capital of Italy is Rome and it is almost 3000 years old

Over 50 million tourists visit Italy each year


I bet you have no idea who Befana is! Well, I do. She is an old women that looks like a witch and she delivers presents to children on Ephiphany Eve which is on the sixth of January . She goes to houses on a broomstick or even sometimes on a donkey. She fills their socks with gifts and candy if they are good and rocks, sticks and coal if they are bad. Children leave a glass of wine and a plate of food out for her.

My Nonna made you some Pizelle cookies. They are a tradition Italian cookie. I hope you enjoy them and enjoyed learning a little about Italy!

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