ECP Police Safety Day 2019 Stranger danger, being in an ambulance and the job of the Police Canine Unit were introduced to children enrolled in Greenburgh's Early Childhood Program.

Four officers with the Greenburgh Police Department, along with a member of the EMS, engaged with the children while teaching them some valuable lessons.

They were reminded that there are some 'safe strangers,' such as police officers and doctors, but that any person they don't know asks them to do something or to go somewhere that they must refuse and tell an adult.

Students were then invited into an ambulance where the EMT put children at ease that if they ever needed to ride in one, it is safe and they have nothing to fear. A few lucky students even got an EKG before they were all helped out by Officer Dave.

Finally, children got to see Tango, the star of the Canine Unit. Tango wears a badge just like the other officers and is trained to sniff out dangerous devices.

As serious a job as he has, he still enjoys a nice pet.

We expend our deepest gratitude to the Greenburgh Police Department for helping us make this day both educational and memorable for our ECP students!


Photos by Jackie Burton