A COVID lifestyle By Ryan Williams

I chose the topic of a COVID lifestyle because I think it relates to almost everyone in one way or another. While COVID has affected many in a negative way, I also want people to see the positive in a COVID lifestyle. I focused in on the new hobbies and activities that people have taken on with their lives being changed and also some negativity and stress along with the happiness and joy.

In my photos I focused on some signage about COVID and some tips it had to give because I think it gets the point across quickly and easily that we need a new health protocol. The house helps put the story into place and give the setting quickly. The painting is a close up and detailed photo that shows what Ben has been working on while finding new hobbies and joy during this pandemic. He never painted before and was never into painting until he got bored of quarantine and then he got into it, so it shows how COVID helped people find new hobbies. I also thought it was important to capture facial expressions of joy and happiness but also tiredness and rest so I took one of each. The pandemic can be very stressful for some people at some points and in the pictures it can be shown.

Overall, I wanted to make it clear that there could be some joy and happiness in this pandemic and COVID life. Even though it is normal to be stressed in this lifestyle, there are also many opportunities for joy and to learn new things like painting, videogames or long boarding so everyone has to try to make the best of the situation they are in.

During this COVID lifestyle, this sign is inside Nazareth Academy in 2021 and is trying to remind the students and teachers how to stop the spread of the virus. Lead photo.
This is the Williams’ house and it’s where new hobbies are being done along with new activities because of COVID in 2021. The parents are working from home and I am hybrid so it is sometimes chaos with everything going on. Scene photo.
Ben Williams is playing Xbox which is also one of his hobbies and favorite things to do in this pandemic in 2021. He sits in the attic talking to his friends through the mic. It is a little destressor for him. Portrait photo.
Ben Williams is working on a paint by number in the basement. With COVID, Ben learned new activities and also found new hobbies like painting. He started painting this in February of 2021 and is still working on it through the pandemic in the Williams household. Detail photo.
Vickie Williams is taking a nap with the family dog, Jackson, in the living room after a long day worrying about COVID issues with the Nazareth soccer team on March 11, 2021. COVID has caused a lot of stress and tiredness. Close up photo.
This poster is also in Nazareth Academy in 2021 because of the COVID situation and it reminds all the people to wear masks. This summarizes the situation mostly everyone is in and how essential masks are now in this COVID life. Signature photo.
Jay McLaughlin is long boarding on Blackstone Avenue in March 2021 just like he did when the first quarantine started in 2020. This is a sign of hope because he is doing what he used to do and is making the most of everything and having fun. Clincher photo.