Honouring The Lord With Our Firstfruits 04 JULY 2021 | PLEDGE SUNDAY | TRADITIONAL SERVICE | REV EDMUND DE SOUZA

Honouring The Lord With Our Firstfruits


Rev Edmund De Souza

Scripture Passage: Proverbs 3:9-10 (NIV)



Summary | Giving is God-honouring, God-prioritizing, kingdom-partnering and God-trusting.

This passage reveals four truths on the importance of giving.

1. It honours God

We honour God when we worship, walk in obedience, or serve in any area we are called. V9 addresses the subject of material possessions. Ironically Psalm 24 reminds that “the earth is the Lord’s…”; therefore God in reality does not need our giving. However, our response in giving both acknowledges and declares our love for God. To illustrate, a child who picks common dandelions from her mother’s garden to present her with a bouquet moves the mother’s heart greatly with her simple love offering, notwithstanding the flowers were always hers to begin with!

2. It puts God first in our lives

After the 40-year exodus, the command upon entering the promised land was to thankfully acknowledge God with the best of their firstfruits. God comes first, not second best, not as a helper to provide us services. We are to lay up treasures in heaven, indestructible and theft-secure, for where our treasure is, there too will be our hearts (Matthew 6:19-21). Resist the natural temptation to put the world, or self, first before God.

3. It partners the Lord in His kingdom work

Kingdom workers are supported by the partnership contributions from others: the Levites’ priestly temple ministry was supported by tithes (Num 18:21); partnership in the gospel (Phil 1:5). Every work of significance needs cooperation and communal effort, as evidenced by yesteryear’s water bucket brigades to fight the fires.

4. It declares our trust in God’s provision

Verse 10 expresses belief in God’s promises to provide. Giving then becomes a statement of faith. When we learn to trust God and his faithfulness, we can give our last $50 in faith, like the humble church planter, who gave and received in return his sacrificial gift from a third party, who did not know his story. Only God knew.

Amazing God, we give you honour and glory. Guide us in our commitment towards pledge Sunday. Come close by those in need, give them comfort, healing and provision.

(Sermon Notes by Kwun Pillai)


1. What do you think are some ways through which we may honour the Lord in our life? How are you honouring the Lord?

2. Solomon wrote that we should honour the Lord with our wealth. What do you think this means?

3. To give your firstfruits is to put God first. Where do you think you are in this journey of putting God first.

4. Solomon wrote that if we would honour God with our wealth and put God first with our firstfruits, the Lord will provide for and bless us. How do you understand this verse?