Horses And Calvary

Horses are the most used animal out there and have many advantages even though they are probably the least known animal in the big five

They were and are very popular for the use of running into battle and for the soldier riding to get good hits
Female horses give birth from 17-25 times in their lifespan with an eleven month pregnancy period.
The gallop of a horse averages to 40-48 kilometres an hour.

Conquistadors had a very good advantage when they were fighting against the Inca riding on their horses since the Inca had never heard of or seen them before, and they also had a part in helping to conquer the Inca

Horses were a major surplus for the conquistadors which helped them conquer the Americas while always being supplied with meat, being able to have cargo pulled, and they were even able to ride them, which helped save energy.
Horses had a big part in helping the conquistadors conquer the Americas. When the conquistadors ca,e to America there where no horses, now there are more than 9 million horses in America.


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