ABC'S of Africa A-Z Of africa

A. Africa is the second largest continent n the world and is located South of Europe. Also, it was once part of the large super continent called Pangaea.

B. Benin is a French speaking, West African nation, and one of the principal historic kingdoms of the western Africa forest.

C. Chad is a piece of waste material removed from a card or tape by punching it.

D. Dinka is one of the largest ethnic groups in the Republic of Sudan. Dinka was a major language family in the Nilotic category of African languages.

E. The equator is an imaginary line drawn around the earth equally distant form the poles. It runs through Uganda in Africa.

F. Fox is a carnivorous mammal of the dog family with a pointed muzzle and bushy tail. Some foxes are considered vermin by many farmers in South Africa.

G. Gold is a yellow metal, valued especially for use in jewelry and decoration. In Africa, gold is a very important thing because they need gold for tradings, but salt is more important.

H. HIV is a virus spread through certain body fluids that attacks the body's immune system. In Africa, 23.8 million people were infected in all.

I. Impala is a graceful antelope often seen in large herds in open woodland in southern and East Africa. Impalas live in southern and Eats Africa in open woodlands




M. Mali is a country of western Africa. Mali became a part of French West Africa.






S. Salt is used for seasoning or preserving food. Salt preserved their food and traded with it in Africa.

T. Trade routes are an important role in the economy of many African Empires. African traders used the trade routes with other countries.


V. Villages are groups of house and associated buildings. Clanwilliam is a village in Africa that is beautiful.


X. Xenophobia is a fear of people from other countries. After majority rule in 1994, contrary to expectations, the incidence of xenophobia increased in Africa.


Z. Zulu was a member of a South African people traditionally living mainly in Kwakiutl- not a province.


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