Flamethrowers By: Riley cyboron

Importance in world war one- It was important because It was very deadly weapon and kills easily. It changed the war will its deadliness.

It is a weapon that shoots fire with a range of 18 meters. Its was used in world war one by mostly the Germans. The goal was to kill a lot of people in close range and it spread terror.

It says that world war one had new inventions that changes war forever. It made all armies want that weapon to help them in war.

This video above at the end shows a flamethrower test in world war one. (1:45)

Flamethrowers are still used today for mostly other reasons than war. They are used for other purposes like for controlled burning. One time the US army went out with flamethrowers to melt the large amounts of snow.

It was also used more widely in world war two. The war changed with better technology which made the weapons more advanced.

In the Vietnam war they advanced the flamethrower and put it on a tank. That really advanced the flamethrower even more.

Here are some questions I have... 1. How did they make them back then? 2. How did they even think of making them? 3. What other weapon invention ideas did they have that could've changed the war even more?


Created with images by Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections - "1st Marine Division Flamethrower, 5 May 1951" • The U.S. Army - "www.Army.mil" • DVIDSHUB - "'Operation Sapper Torch' denies terrorist concealment"

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