My Vacations... (A short story by lakshya JoshI)

There are many places I have visited and many things I did. I wrote my memories in a short story which you are reading right now. So it all started like this...
Before Christmas I went to Toronto to shop for India for my friends and relatives. I bought chocolates dresses and hats. I went to the cruise to go to the centre island and then to centennial amusement park to have fun.
In Christmas I got a rubix cube and my brother got a paw patrol pup pad.
At new year me and my family went to our father’s friend’s home to celebrate where all my father’s friends came. With New Year we celebrated my mom and her friend’s birthday.
The next day I went to the Bramlea city centre and shop for India.
I read Dinosaurs record breakers which was good because it tells about the Strongest, fastest, deadliest dinosaurs from the history like t-Rex, ankylosaurus, anchirons, and more.
I played lego Jurassic world 7 times. In the game we go to the innovation centre and choose a movie to play from four movies, do nine levels and collect ambers to unlock dinosaurs, and some more things to to unlock characters, special abilities etc.
I also played hot wheels race off. It is also a cool game in which we have to race other people's records to get coins to upgrade our cars and get new ones.
I went to my friend’s house in Ottawa for a sleepover where we had lots of fun and a nice long pizza party after that we went to our beds to sleep.
We went to Toronto again to see the CN tower and enjoy the skies. I could see the whole city from there.
After that we went to see the ripely’s aquarium to see many fish like sharks sea horses etc.
I went to the temple to pray for a safe trip to India.
I went to gage park to do ice skating which was really fun.
I got a new wristwatch on Christmas.
We ate a really delicious family size veggie pizza with our friends.
I lighted my Christmas tree which was really fun.
I watched a new movie called dangal which was related to wrestling.
I watched a YouTube show from the gaming beaver who plays Lego Jurassic world, Jurassic world the game, ark survival etc.
I played kabbadi with my little brother so we hurt ourselves too much because it is a type of fighting game usually played outdoors.
These are all the things I did on my holidays.


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