Anna's Garcia Case #333

Anna Garcia was in her 30's who lived alone with her dog. She was found dead august 14 by her neighbor named Doug Greene. Anna was found because after four hours of her neighbor hearing her dog barking. Doug finally called the cops so they can see why the dog was barking. When the police showed up they found vomit, table flipped, blood on the floor, wine glass, aspirin pills, and hair.

The detectives found the table flipped next to her body

The fingerprints that where found on the wine glass matched Alex Garcia

Blood spatter was at a 90 degrees straight down. Drop height was at 74 cm matched the height of table

With all these ugly shoes only one of them match the footprint at the crime scene and the shoes belonged to Anna

The hairs at the crime scene were dyed blonde and matched Anna

The DNA at the crime scene belonged to Anna

Conclusion: In the case of Anna Garcia, the cause of death is natural causes. The hit to the head from falling was an internal bruise or a major concussion. Then she started to vomit and she chocked on her own vomit.


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