A Golden Lakeside Hike Kal Lake Provincial Park

The sun was weakened, recuperating after days of rain, although its golden rays coated everything it touched in a caramel glow. We wove our way through farmland until reaching an empty parking lot with enough spaces for all of us enthusiasts on this rare good Okanagan winter weather day.

Leaving the frost to have its own sinister and chilly ways with the shadows under the giant pine trees, numerous two legged beings lead their four-legged fur balls into the golden lit trails and quietly disappeared, not to be seen again for hours.

Our disembarking into Kal Lake Provincial Park involved lots of tail wagging, enthusiastic squeaks, barks, and woofs in preparation of the walk, with bear bells, and water bottles checked, tightening of boot laces, and the donning of gloves and scarves.

Our frosty walk meandered through grassy drylands, passing by knolls of rocky outcroppings, and among towering Ponderosa pines.

With craggy cork like bark and tall trunks, the Pines dwarfed us as we stood peering up from the path below. Larger in circumference than any of our arms could begin to reach...immense and old they stand guard beside the Lake.

We jokingly reminded each other that the chill made this an inhospitable winter home for the various species of snakes...or did it?

Black as midnight berries hung in clusters on the ends of bare branches like clumps of the richest jewels glinting with ruby tones hanging over a monochromatic path carpeted by long pine needles.

As the pine groves thinned to single trees, and the grass struggled to survive without soil our climb made its way up through massive outcroppings of rocks, the switchbacking paths offering tantalizing views of the turquoise shaded waters below.

In the summer hikers are rewarded by glimpses of the beautiful dark turquoise waters created when limestones form crystals on the lake bottom. It's simply magical to watch the summer light tinkle through tinted turquoise water turning it into icy blue on the edges.

"Let's take this path, and maybe we'll come across Molly's bench up there"

After passing around a tight corner hewn into solid granite we happened upon Molly's bench, occupied by a young couple, taking in the views...who obligingly agreed to move aside so we could check the tarnished brass plaque that proved this was the namesake bench.

Down through the switchbacks among the granite jutting rocks back and forth, we followed the signs to what has to be the most beautiful spot for a dog park in the Okanagan... rounded river rock edging crystal clear lake waters. The dogs raced in circles around us, energetically and joyously chasing each other back and forth. Hidden painted rocks were found, and left behind for someone else to discover.

We made our way back to the vehicles as the golden light waned and stretched even further among the tall grasses...gilding and caressing the trunks of the trees, making magic of whatever it touched, including our memories...

Jen @ Rural

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