Drawing/Painting 1 Final Exam By: Ryan WethiNgton

PVC Pipe Charcoal:

White and black charcoal was used for shading. " The eye of the pipe"

Reflection: I feel I challenged myself well with this media. It was challenging because of the amount of dust created by the media. Also making white and black blend to make a good grey was challenging. I feel that I had the most success with the highlights on the tubes. I struggled with getting the darker shadows. I wanted to get outside my box so I let another classmate arrange my composition.

Digital Famous Art Redo:

Sketchbook App : " Fake Masterpiece"

Reflection: I found the sketchbook app to be very hard to draw on. Along with the app being confusing it's hard to keep a steady hand. I think I had success picking a painting to remake. I had failures in making my remake accurate. I placed my items based on the original.

Monster Mash:

Acrylic Paint: "square bunny"

Reflection: When choosing my monster I wanted to make a simple character with personality. I wanted to be able to paint the character well. I think I had success with my color scheme but had troubles with developing the colors in the legs. I think the composition of my character is made up well.

Surreal Landscape:

Chalk pastel: Title written on piece

Reflection: I feel like this media is challenging because of the type of paper I used. The fuzzy paper is good with not creating dust, but it's hard to apply the chalk. I think since the paper was green I did a good job with the grassy area, but I struggled with the white clouds. I like the idea of the card sliding down the rainbow, but if I had it to do again I would of done something besides a plane.

Media Monday's 1-9

Value pencil
Wash and draw pencil
Oil pastel
Ink wash
Chalk pastel
Colored pencil
Scratch board
Water color pencil

Images 5 and 9

Egg shading
Contour hand

Reflection on class:

I think the most powerful thing I have learned this year is the ability to take pride in your work. Before this class if you were to ask me about my artistic ability I would of most likely told you awful. Through the teaching of Mrs. Martin and the process of making each work I've realized that yes some people have more artistic talent than others no doubt, but every piece no matter what it is has good points to it. There is always something to learn or feel in any piece of art work. I most likely will never need my artistic abilities to make a living, but the values of pride and self confidence have moved me a long way. Thank you Mrs. Martin.

Created By
Ryan Wethington

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