WW2 By: Anna T. #39

The Germans completely ignore what they agreed to in the Munich Agreements and invaded Poland. This country is easily defeated, and the German soldiers move on.

# 1: Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was the dictator of Germany during WW2 and led them through the war. Hitler believed that, the aryan race, was perfect and everybody else was to blame; ESPECIALLY Jews. Hitler rose to power mostly by propaganda. One of the countries Hitler invaded that also made him famous was Poland.

#2: Hideki Tojo

Tojo was the Prime Minister of Japan during WW2. He was also the mastermind behind the Pearl Harbor attack. The Prime Minister before him, resigned so he got the job and rose to power in Japan. Tojo was well known for his attack on Manchuria.

#3: Joseph Stalin

Stalin was the dictator of Russia in WW2. He rose to power as part of the Bolsheviks, the communist group that took over the Russian throne. They were the country that helped Hitler attack Poland in 1939.

#4: Francisco Franco

Franco was the dictator of Spain during WW2. He rose to power because of promotions from his military skill and took to power. Although Hitler rejected him, he still was part of the axis powers before he resigned and sent about 5,000 troops to Hitler's benefit.

#5: Franklin D Roosevelt

Roosevelt was the president of the United States during WW2. Two of the countries he was known for invading and helped the turning point of the war was, Morocco and Indochina. He was elected to power and therefore controlled the US in this time.

#6: Winston Churchill

Churchill was the Prime Minister of Britain during WW2. One of his most famous acts of the war was when they helped us to help France. He rose to power when he took over for the Prime Minister before him.

America was Mostly neutral in wW2 but eventually had to join. They joined the Allies in the war.

The Allies eventually won the war and were victorious, but not Before thousands of men died. Hopefully, There will never be a world war 3, at least For a long, long, time.

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