As Climate Change Accelerates, Floating Cities Look Like Less of a Pipe Dream By Mike ives

As polar ice sheets are melting due to global warming, it is time to start thinking about how to react. A plan to respond to climate change by building a city of floating islands in the South Pacific is moving forward, with the government of French Polynesia agreeing to consider hosting the islands in a tropical lagoon. Randolph Hencken, the group’s executive director, said work on the project could start in French Polynesia as early as next year, as they are waiting on the results of some environmental studies. Mr. Hencken said, “We have a vision that we’re going to create an industry that provides floating islands to people who are threatened by rising sea levels.” If this project progresses like he hopes it will. these islands could potentially change the way people live.

A 3-D rendering of a possible "floating city," which could range from $10-$50 million.

The project’s leaders face many challenges before they can make this dream a really, including building waste-management systems for the islands and convincing investors to buy property in an environment that has not yet been tested. Although many think this project is too crazy and could only be used by wealthy homeowners, it is actually being designed for those with medium incomes. Mr. Hencken said that he expected the project to eventually include dozens of artificial islands and that similar projects could someday be built in other atoll nations or coastal areas threatened by rising sea levels. He added that the cost of housing would decrease as the island platforms became cheaper to produce.

This project is closer to becoming a reality than most people think. I know that when I think of floating cities in the ocean I've never imagined that I would be around to see them, but with what's going on in the French Polynesia, it appears that the future is closer than it seems. This article does a great job of explaining the logistics of such a wild project, and what hurdles the team of inventors must face in order to make this a reality. I will definitely want to keep tracking the progress of this potentially revolutionary project. Not only will these cities significantly help those who are being put at risk of higher sea levels, but it could completely change how people live.

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